Storj - The Front end for Decentralized Storage - Crowdsale Ending Aug 18th at 11:59PM Eastern

In April 2014, Storj, an open source decentralized storage platform, won the Texas Bitcoin Conference’s hackathon, netting them $250,000 from the BitAngels Fund. The crowdsale for their token SJCX and early access to the software has begun and will be running until August 18th (at 11:59 PM Eastern).

STORJ is the front-end for a decentralized dropbox. Built on the blockchain and capable of being powered by the Maidsafe network.

Storj wants to use multiple blockchains to store metadata as a sort of directory for where files are stored and how much redundancy they have. Once the blockchains are too large, they’ll use Merkle tree configurations to speed up this process, similar to how Bitcoin SPV wallets work.

To receive a Beta Invitation and participate in the early STORJ network, you need STORJCOINS.

What is SJCX good for?

  • You earn it from selling your hard drive space
  • You use it to buy hard drive space on the Storj network
  • Allows exclusive access to Metadisk and DriveShare
  • You get at least 10% of all new experimental coins made from STORJ
  • The crowdsale has so far collected nearly 600 BTC and will be ending on August 18th, this is the last opportunity to obtain Storj coins before the network launches.

Storj is selling their network token, SJCX on Counterwallet in exchange for Bitcoin.

15% of SJCX goes to the developers, 15% goes to the community and 70% goes towards the crowdsale.

Only participants in the crowdsale will be allowed to sell their hard drive space in the early network through DriveShare. Metadisk is already available to participants.

Check out the latest feature in Bitcoin Magazine:
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Participate in the Crowdsale and get your STORJCOINS HERE.

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