Storj and Maidsafe Collaboration

I’ve stated many times in the past that cooperation is way better than competition (at least among the decentralized services). Getting two different technical approaches to the same problem I think is good. In the future I think there will be many decentralized data platforms, and I think the more they are interoperable the better.

There are a lot of open questions on how our two system work, and can work together. I’m proposing that we have a technical liaison between the platforms to make communication easier.

I agree, 100%, but caution lack of understanding and jumping around, this stuff is hard and has to be. A python or javascript patch will not do it. Its’ not pigeons picking off a path, its way harder, so join in, be welcomed and learn, I do every day here, quick “I will copy that” statements will not work. Think hard and for a while, there are great answers, none are easy.

This is a humbling place and the tech answers will be challenged, the intelligence is in the listening and reading (I read every single post). So welcome, but your journey will not be simple. It will be amazing though.


Poor man, reading all my stuff! I hope you don’t read all my twitter too… :wink: but I’m pretty sure you do lol. OMG, just imagine I drink heavily before tweeting most of it.


And I before reading it :smiley: I know I do before blogging :wink: