Static pages on Discourse

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I’m afraid not, but it has been discussed, not sure if it is planned soon. The only way I can see to use Discourse for documentation is to make a separate category “Documentation” (possibly with sub-categories) and let each topic be a “page” (the first post being the “page” and the rest being comments/discussion around it). You could also add a sticky for table of contents.

There is also the possibility of using the API to pull this information and present it differently.

One problem is that only the original poster can edit the post, though there are plans for “wiki topics” in Discourse.

[editing the wiki post] so now with the use of these wiki posts we could actually do documentation as a community.

OK, cool I can edit the top post too (@happybeing)

The wiki idea could be really awesome. Imagine being able to start a wiki page from a post much like you started this discussion topic; or imagine being able to take a portion “like quoting” and pushing it to the edit view of a wiki page. The folks over there deserve a lot of kudos for this product. I think something like this would be exactly what we need for our dynamic growing/changing system documentation.

@David Could you maybe make a new sticky topic at the top of the forum with the link to the gitbook

I keep forgetting where to find the link. Would be good to be sticky link, so a lot of people read and write in the book! :smile:

@benjaminbollen according to @Viv in this post we are using gitbook for the examples. I (just my own opinion) think the limitations of gitbook would make it less than ideal for all the system docs. Viv mentioned that they are looking at other solutions too. When I found out about the wiki feature of discourse being talked about by the discourse team from David I did a little looking and think the wiki feature that was merged into discourse’s master branch on May 14th might work for this. I’m not sure if that means we have access to try it out or what. @David, could you look into this?

Cool, looks like that feature is available. I made the original post in this thread “wiki” just so that you can see what it looks like. You should be able to edit it.