Simple yet secure way to store Maidsafecoin


I know there are lot of threads about Maidsafecoins wallet and problem mentioned in subject. I read many, not all, they are huge and confusing and you really need days to understand who to do all that stuff. If you do at all…

Now when Maidsafecoin rocks I believe many investors interested in scuring Maidsafecoins they bought in a wallet they really control, rather than storing on yet-another-cryptsy exchange, that will be hacked anyway, the only question is when.

I think they will be very happy If someone from the Maidsafe stuff post here short instruction on how actually anyone today can store their Maidsafecoin really secure. If there is simple and secure way to do this - please do it and we all will be thankfull.

My opinion is that it is very important that people who believe in Maidsafe not to be disapointed by the fact they lose all their investment because of hard procedure of store coins.


(I am from Ukraine and as you can see from what I wrote I am not native English speaker:)


This might help:


Hello, I suppose the best way would be to use a paper wallet.

There is a good reddit page about this here too


This video shows how to make a bitcoin private key that allows you store your maidsafecoins;

If and when you need to spend them you can use

And of course there is the Full Client found on - Desktop Wallet Omni Core

Basically a bitcoin wallet that (reads between the lines - (about OmniCore))


Thanks for the answers! I wonder if after full start of safenetwork I will be able to deposit al my MAID to my account like in NXT client? I just do not want to store them at poloniex for a long time…

Use a paper wallet for now and then once vaults are released they will also release wallets and you will be able to store them there.

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You’ll need to import private key of paper wallet to Omni and then send from Omni. To do this you must fund the btc address on Omni which holds the Maid with a bit of btc eg 0.0003btc just to cover fees. Depends how much you want to pay miners for express delivery :joy: I actually pre fund the paper wallet with some btc then load it with the Maid. That way, it’s good to go as soon as it hits Omni.