I've just bought some MaidSafeCoin, how do I store them?

I’ve just bought some MaidSafeCoin from masterxchange, how do I store them? From what I gather there’s no dedicated wallet.


You can ‘withdraw’ them directly to a bitcoin address;

In order to send them from there, Make a wallet on Omniwallet https://www.omniwallet.org/
and import the private key to the bitcoin address;

Note: You will need about 0.25 USD worth of BTC to send MaidSafeCoins for each transaction from omniwallet.

Use http://masterchest.info/ with the bitcoin address to confirm that those coins exist to the address, that the transaction completed.

same thing for me. Bought some maidsafe coins on poloniex today, no idea how to get them out…

Great thanks for the advice!

Can i use any bitcoin address where i own privatekey?

Not right place ask, but if i buy also mastercoin can i withdrawal that to any my address also?

Sorry for the late responce
Yes you can use any bitcoin address that you got the privatekey too. I would advice Blockchain.info or atleast something with 2 factor Authencation.

Yeah but for this you need a mastercoin wallet find here