Maidsafe San Francisco/Silicon Valley!

It would be awesome to get a headcount for individuals in the SF Bay area so we can start planning for local meetups and events!
The idea will be to start a builder hub where we can meet in same space on a weekly basis to foster collaboration with developing apps and helping the core team maintain the network.

I’m looking into venues now. I currently host the SF Bitcoin meetup at 20Mission co-working - - which is a really great, central location in the Mission district. I’m also reaching out to Geekdom - - where I’ve hosted an event before (also centrally located).

Feedback and suggestions welcome!

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I live in Santa Rosa, but count me in.

I’m in SF, and have been to a couple 20Mission/Bitcoin events (they were awesome).

Awesome! I don’t recall if we’ve met in the past… but if you’re available this Tuesday you should come by the Bitcoin meetup at 20Mission! Login to Meetup | Meetup


I think we met at the event at Rackspace.

I’ve since figured out notifications here (computers r hard), so I’ll try not to miss anything else. Any plans for a Maidsafe meet up in SF?

Yes! This just happened:


sf is the place

Any news on SF?

What’s the pod up to?

I’m moving downtown tomorrow