Selling MAID for USD

Hey I saw some posts that people get confused when buying MaidSafeCoin.

I’m offering to sell maid with a really simple process, for USD.

Message me


If anyone is interested I could sell MAID for Swedish Krona. (SEK)

Good practise to encourage people use trusted exchanges… MaidSafe exchange or
Poloniex … otherwise noobs will be encouraged to fall for paypal tricksters and other cons.


Well I’ve been here for a while and value my spot in this community, and the SF SAFE Pod, so I wouldn’t do anything to tarnish my standing here, since I have so much to lose


I prepared to use escrow, I’ll send the maid to someone trusted on this forum before the buyer sends the SEK to my account.

Yeah I agree. If someone has been around (I have too) use discretion, use your common sense. I found my Doge coin seller via Reddit a while back and ended up buying about a million off of him over 6 months, he and I still talk to this very day. I will usually do things to confirm trust anyway.

Word of warning regarding the blatant trust put into exchanges. Exchanges come and go and in my opinion they cant be trusted either. Never hold money or currency in an exchange, make your trade and then pull your money instantly.

Use common sense and never do anything online you wouldn’t do offline.


Just a humble suggestion - don’t publicly discuss amounts of money here or on any forum – you make yourself a target.

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Yeah right… because 1million DOGE might be worth something someday… LOL

Exchanges have more obvious consensus and trust, than random people who’ve just been around a while. Trust only those who’ve been around a few years.

Haha, but what about my lambo?

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Maybe you were never taught how to gauge a persons trustworthiness, just because we are online it doesn’t somehow make people different. People are people, end of the day. Some people steal, some people don’t. I’m not suggesting people be gullible but if you find someone you feel that you can trust than go for it.

I know well enough how to trust people but anonymity is known to bring out the opportunist in a lot of people and more to the point exchanges are not individuals and have more invested in maintaining a trust consensus. If someone “feels” they can trust another on the internet rather than knowing it, then obviously they are free to go with that feeling but on the flip side, there’s one born every minute. The whole rational behind distributing trust, is to do away with the risk, not to indulge it. If in doubt supporting and exchange, is perhaps also contributing something to the environment that makes blockchains work better.

Yeah I still don’t agree.

I’ve never been scammed online and I have purchased BTC, LTC, QRK DOGE and now am looking to buy MAID via individuals.

Show me an individual that has stolen more than what was stolen via Mt Gox, Flexcoin, Poloniex, Bitstamp…etc

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