Can we as a community accomplish trustable trading ourselves?

Just want to throw and idea out there on how to keep the MAID trades brewing. What if we elected a board of volunteers (or maybe even paid) people we trust on these forums to escrow P2P trading. We could have a thread where you go and post like “selling 100 MAID to the best offer in 24 hours” or whatever. Then you send the 100 MAID to the escrow address and a board member gives the auction a stamp of approval. When you declare a winner of your auction and they send it to you the escrow is released. Sure its a bit more clunky then a real exchange but its like something we could just bootstrap right away.

PS this is not my master plan to exit scam you all. If nominated for such a board I would decline as I don’t have time for that at the moment.


I don’t think this is possible on this forum because of possible legal constraintes. What can be done in other forums or in p2p I don’t know. I think @Neo or another mod will say the same. Trading p2p on a forum made by Maidsafe probably will not be possible due to legal constraints.


I think the legality of that depends on the country you are in. For example, in Bulgaria it is legal. Plus you only have to pay taxes if you exchange in fiat money.

I helped some people from the forum during last year. For example, yesterday I helped one of our American brothers to gain 20k MAID. So if anyone needs help let me know.

My escrow service is free (obviously all the fees are at your own expense) :dragon:


I wonder if just a disclaimer not to use it if illegal in your country is enough. You guys do make a good point though. AML laws are a bit more aggressive then that sometimes, and we would not want the government of America to attack us for not doing enough to find out who is trading.

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No the risk is greater than is acceptable. For instance the company that hosts the forum may decide against us for one. The country where the servers are hosts may disagree.

Best to use commercial companies or DEX that have been set up with all the legals done and insurances in place.


Hundred percent this is possible

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its physically possible for sure. The question is if its legally possible and if all the required partners (ie whoever hosts this forum) will all cooperate.

The advantage I saw was we have built up a trust network over the years and it would be amazing if we could leverage that into just having our own “exchange.” It’s a shame not to use it but sometimes uncle sam is not all that practical.


As neo pointed out, it’s not a good idea to do it on this forum.
I would advise anyone thinking of doing anything like that to always use pgp, with a public key that the parties involved can be sure is of the person they wish to transact with, otherwise you can not really be sure if you are even communicating with the correct person.
The chances for fraud are very significant.
Please do not jeopardize our forum by attempting it here.


yes P2P is rife with scammers. That’s why I would not really do it unless a well known community member was acting as escrow. At least that way the worst that can happen is someone steals the deal from the real auction winner, but they would still have to pay the winning price to get the escrow released.

At least that is the only option I see. Is there a way to do P2P without being juicy prey to scammers otherwise? I can’t think of one, but since doing it here is not an option I would love if the conversation shifted to where/how we could do P2P safely.

What we really need is a SAFE network then someone would just set this up anonymously and there would be no way to take it down :stuck_out_tongue: but alas we only have these cave man tools. Anyone know how to make fire with what we got?

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Just after the mastercoin ico, that was the only way to trade MSC, on bct forum, through an escrow.
Iirc some ppl came very close to losing coins, only just caught by the escrow, ppl get very inventive when money is at stake