Maidsafe on a

The software is a modified version of pure debian.
Have you installed maidsafe on a

Or is the maidsafe network not ready for getting installed on your
own computer?




As Freedombox is meant to be a ‘personal server that protects your privacy’ (according to the FAQ), it could be useful to run a Vault. A Vault allows users to let the Safe Network store data on their devices.
Right now the alpha 2 test network is running (see the roadmap on, where you can test the SAFE Browser(client). The Vaults of this test network run on virtual servers ‘leased’ by MaidSafe.
When alpha 3 becomes active, routing nodes can be tested, and with alpha 4 vaults. Debian is supported, so I assume it won’t be that difficult to get it running on a freedombox.
One can already try to run a local test network on a freedombox/freedomboxes.


FreedomBox is not “a modified version” but a specific subset of Debian - a so-called “Debian Pure Blend”:

As such, to get (server-parts of) Maidsafe integrated with FreedomBox imply those parts to be integrated with Debian. Not installed on top of Debian but officially built and shipped as integral part of Debian itself.


Then, when built and packaged officially as part of Debian, FreedomBox integration additionally requires its management interface (called Plinth) to be extended to support starting and stopping the Maidsafe service(s), and configure whatever configuration is needed.


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