SafeLists v1.1 Released

Hi, I’ve just released SafeLists v1.1 (first post about it here New safenetwork app - Safelists - #41 by happybeing). For those of you that don’t know about safelists yet safelists are torrents without seeders for safenetwork.

Main changes are:

  1. Instead of directories on the left and files on the right now there’s only one tree with directories and files
  2. Now safelists are COMPLETELY FREE for all features. No more licensing or asking login data. App can be used without login and safe launcher. So, the referral program is gone and now app is wide open for adoption (I’m mainly just waiting global network launch now).
  3. Now users can choose to download only a single directory or a single file from safelist
  4. Bunch of other bugs I’ve found

Download at (test_network_11)


Will the Windows version work on Win 10 (64 bit)? Currently running Test 11 on Windows but I’ll set up on Linux if needs be.

libwinpthread-1.dll is missing for my Win10/64.

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I love the website!!

Very powerful message, I see this getting huge

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Perfect example of how marketing a product or service for Safe Network using the clearnet and a conventional domain that is discoverable by the masses. This is one surefire route to fast and wide adoption. Having a Safe public ID matched to a TLD domain will be popular and smart.


Very simple, very cool. Love your explanation on the site.

Should be a real help for adoption when network is live.

Well done.

Working on MacOS version, I assume?


Nice app. just played a little with it. Cool to see it already fetches the files remote.

How will we be sure we connect safe network and not some random server by not using the launcher ??

Sorry, will check build on fresh win 10 machine

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Well, if you’re worried about the integrity of the files then there’s hashing performed for files downloaded, first time file is downloaded the hash is saved so it could be checked later. Hashing algorithm is pretty weak but better than nothing.

I guess if you’d want 100% security you cannot be sure because of course, executables can be modified, corrupted so yeah… It’s not much safer than torrents in this regard.

If you ask my opinion on launcher vs non-launcher for read only app I think having standalone app is simpler, people don’t need to create accounts, they can just download one zip and off they go.

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Well, not in the near future :smiley: building gtk3 is a pain, I’ve worked months to bring up the linux port. For Mac for now I’ll just try to make sure that windows executable is running well on Mac (via wine or something).


Okay, I’ve updated windows build, now it doesn’t link to winpthread dinamically, check this out again (updated download link: )