New safenetwork app - Safelists

I present to you Safelists - .

I’ve been working for some past time and I finished it up (to a workable state that is). I hope to replace torrents with this. Download perf is not great at the moment but it is in subject to change. Check it out and let me know what you think. Builds are available for linux (x86) and windows (x86, 7 or greater) at the moment.


First time I ran the app it told me I was offline and asked for my credentials. Not a chance. I know this is only beta, but the point of the launcher is so that you never have to give another app your credentials ever. Please connect through the launcher. I’ll give it another shot after that.

Launcher is running.

EDIT: I know you give the warning and all but still. I think it should say “can’t connect to launcher, please make sure its running” or something like that. Giving your credentials to an app should be a big nono as far as I’m concerned.



How does it work?

Why does someone have to install the app and then visit a website?

Also it’s closed source so sorry I’m not going to run the app.

Edit: I was wrong it’s open source.


Okay, sure, I understand, try offline. The main function of this app is just to download the files off the internet, that needs no credentials. I’ll be working on launcher in the future, I’d like this issue to be resolved though (or some other advice given) Feature request: signing strings · Issue #49 · maidsafe-archive/safe_launcher · GitHub - at the bottom says “github sources”

“Why does someone have to install the app and then visit a website?”

No, no one has to visit site, just download the zip, extract and run, and download files off the safenetwork

“Also it’s closed source so sorry I’m not going to run the app.”

It is open source, GitHub - davidkazlauskas/safelists: Safelists - replacement for torrents (using safenetwork) and it is licensed under GPLv2.

By the way, if someone wants to crack it (use paid features without login), check out this code block in main.lua :slight_smile:

local shouldAllowPaidFeatures = function()
        if (not isReleaseBuild() or isPaidMode()) then
            return true
            return false

I stand corrected!

I don’t understand what you mean by “download files off the safenetwork”?

What files? Why can’t someone just send me a link to the file on the network?


Total side note, but I find it funny that your open source GPL app has a “paid” mode…

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I’ll be the first one to try this combo then, lol :smiley:

I believe the intent is to have this be a repository for files. Instead of going to ThePirateBay (don’t do that) you would open this app.

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Well, yeah, you could just download file using a link I guess, but in torrents you don’t just download single file, usually, you have many files, and this app focuses on the most straightforward way to download files, just one small zip, you don’t even need safenetwork login, you can just download stuff right away.

At least that’s how I understand it :slight_smile:

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GPL specifically allows that, in fact it’s fairly common.

If you’re trying to lock it down the GPL means it’d be easy for someone to crack it, but lots of users can’t or aren’t willing to compile from source themselves. Having a one-click installer maybe be what they want, and they don’t mind paying $X for the full feature set and/or supporting future development.

I quite like your pro-active stance for app development :slight_smile: big thumbs up to you :thumbsup:

My first thought is that torrent users shy away from zip files because then you can’t select which files you want to download (if I want a single picture why do I have to download the full 5gb archive, etc).

Something like this app could prove very useful, users would love a simple click-download interface for large archives/lists of files. I’m in the middle of development myself right now so I’ll gladly compile and run it when I find time.

What’s your motibation behind it? A better or easier torrent alternative?

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This is a very cool idea!

I’m running Windows 10/64. I logged on using the launcher but the App didn’t seem to recognize I was logged on?


Very cool! The more apps the better! Keep it up!


If you’re logged on you should be able to modify safelists and create them. It’s kinda “silent”, I guess it would be good idea for me to add some logged in notification somewhere in the bottom.


The launcher should still ask if the app has permission to use your account. Never did that for me, hence my response. I was asked to log into the network straight from the app, which is a huge nono.

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No, I meant “just single zip” the software itself. Safelists can contain bazillion of files with links to them to arbitrary file types :slight_smile:

Yeah, I will make selective downloads (select only files for downloading) a next feature. I hope this takes off though :slight_smile:


Just to clarify, safelists app at the moment has ZERO connection to the official launcher (I hope to change it soon though).


Why would I use this instead of going to a safenet hosted site that offers me to download the same files? What is your unique selling proposition?


Got to say, I was wondering this too.

Maybe the fact that other people can modify it in real time, so it becomes a real time database instead if a static website that’s only editable by the site’s creator?