SAFE Pod KL (Asia)

Hi everyone,

Not sure what happened to the MaidSafe KL Meetup page but I just paid it again and scheduling another Meetup in about a week and a half.

Going to prepare an overview presentation on PARSEC for everyone and some basic MaidSafe / community updates.

Should be at the same location as last time, but need to confirm. Will record video again as well.

Can also discuss what I’ve been staying busy with so far this year as well.

& Free ERC20 SAFE-FS Coins for all attendees :slight_smile:

Please assist by joining our refreshed page so it looks populated enough for our local communities here to take interest :slight_smile: Help us kickstart!

Thanks guys,

  • Will

I joined. Thanks for the efforts Will!


Thanks so much to you and everyone who has supported us so far :slight_smile:

I’ll be happy to send everyone^ a bit of SFSC just for joining here. It really helps people find us on the Meetup algos if we have members.

Can’t thank you guys enough for the support so far. SAFE Pods are the best :+1:


What happened?

Did it get deleted? This is literally the second time. That’s why i paid again and reposted this topic

Is the keyword MaidSafe banned from Meetup .com or something?

Why do our MaidSafe groups keep getting removed from Meetup?


I noticed that it had disappeared but no idea why - I haven’t seen it happen elsewhere so I’m not any clearer on what’s happened here tbh.

Why don’t you try setting it up as SAFE Network: Kuala Lumpur? That’s the format used by most of the other meetups so they definitely don’t have an issue (can’t imagine that have an issue with the word ‘MaidSafe’ mind you).


Read the meetup policies.

Here is your clue.


Great thanks both of you guys, I hope it’s not $120 down the drain through so far from all I’m paying them but we’ll see.

Thanks for all your help, will pay it again to get this back on track. Much appreciated input


Did this get sorted? I hope they didn’t charge you again.


kept trying, always getting deleted. have to give up for now, so the $60’s don’t keep going away.

Will look into a better solution when more time frees up :cry: bit of travelling coming up too

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Very strange… I wonder what would happen if I tried to set up the group and then made you organizer…

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Deletion with no explanation? That sounds very dodgy. Can you contact MeetUp head office?


Yeah I’ll start to try the things like that when more time opens up

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just reset it again,

Will give it a few days to see if they block it again before scheduling anything…


OK looks like its working…

Please join

This one should be totally clean, shouldn’t get blocked. Been a few days with no issues so please join here :slight_smile:

Sorry for the confusion earlier


Happy Birthday to our mega-SAFE-supporter @Harvindar !!

He’s been such a great and genuine supporter of SAFE and our pod here in Kuala Lumpur.

Thanks for all you do for our events and mission, Harvey!

Wouldn’t have a Pod here without you!


Thanks Will. Waiting for BETA and hopefully then i can visit Ayr. Hope all is great at your end.