SAFE Global Pod Event #1 (KL)

MaidSafe KL Global Pod

Event #1

Overview & Introduction:
Hi my name is Harvindar but friends call me Harvey and I have been following MaidSafe since min 2016 here in Malaysia. I first came to know about Maidsafe & the Safe Network by a David McGregor. He is an active member of the Safe Forum. I have been communicating to people about Maidsafe and what the Company are doing. We have a tiny community here in Malaysia. Recently I met @whiteoutmashups who works on developing apps for the Safe Network. With him we have tried to organise a small community. Combining our efforts recently we thought of organising meet ups for people to get together and continue to grow the Maidsafe mission. I was designated the “Leader” of the monthly MaidSafe Malaysia Pod here in KL and we had our first event on Saturday the 20th. It was very successful, we had an audience of 16 for the session. A presentation by our guest @whiteoutmasups, a great Q&A session, and the entire event lasted more than 2 hours. We are excited for our next event, planned for after Chinese New Year in February at the Sunway Leadership Centre in Bandar Sunway, KL. (Meetup link).

Audience Breakdown:
The audience was mostly my own contacts from KL. We had students from INTI College who are working with @whiteoutmashups on projects and members who have bought Maidsafecoins. The audience included @wong who is an active contributor in the Safenetforum. He has helped grow the community and has been great in providing a sounding board for ideas. The knowlegde of the audience varied as there were mainly investors and a few on them know what Miadsafe’s mission is. The session was a perfect platform to communicate about the Safe Network and the scope of the project and help grow confidence in the product that will be delivered.

We were fortunate to have @whiteoutmashups able to attend in person, and provide his Prezi presentation on SAFE, and answer many insightful questions afterwards. His technical insight and knowhow of the project was great in providing confidence to the audience about the future of Maidsafe and the Safe Network. In the future, we are attempting to have other guests as well, such as the local evangelists from MaidSafe Asia, and anyone else in the community that we find in this part of the world. In terms of online guests, we reached out to @dugcampbell but the timezones did not match up for this event. We also are excitedly planning to have a live call open to anyone wishing to join us live from overseas, next time.

We designed our Meetup’s agenda around the needs and desires of the crowd, who I know personally. Many are traders and investors of MAID, so we had several parts that discussed the mission. The final agenda I designed & followed was of this structure:

  • Welcoming everyone
  • Dispersal of shirts & stickers we received from MaidSafe Troon
  • @whiteoutmashups SAFE Network Vision Prezi
  • Updates on MaidSafe’s progress & recent marketing revitalization (42:23)
  • Getting involved on and SAFE Reddit, FB, LinkedIn etc (55:56)
  • Purchasing MAID securely with @harvindar or yourself by using,, and securing your funds properly with or cold storage (1:02:42)
  • Final Q&A, Thoughts, Ideas, & Goodbyes (1:32:58)

I feel that this agenda was successful in these ways: we provided an overview of Maidsafe & Safe Network. The audience probably for the first time learned about the team and the people behind the mission. The audience liked seeing David Irvine and Nick Lambert and they probably finally could put a face to their names as I often speak about them when I introduce Maidsafe to anyone. We played our latest video and showed them the interview David & Nick had at the Keiser report. A member even requested the meeting be held every month so they can meet and get regular updates directly. We probably could have had the videos we wanted to play planed out a bit more. The level of knowledge of the audience also varied as a few know about the crypto world and a few are mostly investors with Maidsafe. In future we may want to have separate presentations or meet ups depending on the audience level.

Online Community Updates:
Group Chat - This month our MaidSafe Malaysia WA Group Chat is at 54 people. Who would have thought we would hit above 50. Members like @Wong and others have actively been sharing the Maidsafe word. This is good growth and we keep getting people to add their friends, or anyone interested in SAFE.
Social Media - Our Meetup page has grown to 30+ members now, and the FB / Twitter / Instagram has been set up as well. The e-Office marketing team are pushing content and boosting posts to help this grow. We will continue to push content from Maidsafes marketing team out to these platforms. Will we get thousands? We don’t know. But we will keep trying. We have also set up a Maidsafe Malaysia Linkedin account and will share videos and information from the community there. Please connect and show your support if you have a Linkedin account.


Link to full event photo album

Next Event Initial Planning:
Our next event is scheduled to be after Chinese New Year. Most like mid February, at Sunways Leadership Center. We are planning to have Dug from Maidsafe Marketing Stream in hence the event may be held in the evening to accomodate timing. We are excited to hear from him. @Wong tried this round but were not successful. In future we may even try David and Nick and developers like Frank who are popular with the community. The events will focus on continuing to educate the community and what the Safe Network is about and we will target specific areas of interest with each passing session. If anyone else has ideas on what to discuss, please feel free to reply in this thread.

Lessons Learned / Future Growth:
Although we had made small gatherings for MaidSafe in the past, this was our first structured event, and my first time being the official Pod Leader. In the past there were a few people over lunch or coffee. So I learned very much from this event, and from listening to the audience, in terms of how we can make this bigger, better-covered online, and more successful in the future. We will follow the Pod formats given by @whiteoutmashups to make a bigger marketing blast online to prepare for our next meetup, as well as having all our current audience tell their friends. There are many people interested in MaidSafe in this part of the world, and we are excited to reach out to them and have them as guests and audience in the future. Please share any suggestions on how we can grow!
(the last part here will be the photos and video that you took. You can add any other sections that you think will be nice, but these above are ones to have please)

A special thanks to @Wong for always being there and providing the comfort during the difficult days when the crypto market crashes :slight_smile:

Thank you all for listening,

Harvey, a loyal Safer

Next event proposal:
Date - mid February
Location - Sunway Leadership Center Subang
Minimum budget: $300
Maximum budget: $500

Funding addresses:
BTC / MAID: 1PS8TNPQ7qabWL52rx4W5So3m3pcTmwLXu
ETH: 0x67a5FA7ECe59229E2137b921C77B92e9a2A0FC36

Please support so we can have a next event!
As per the Global SAFE Pods Program


Looking forward to the next meet up. Great camaraderie!


Well done to all involved. I am with you in spirit


Nice work guys - skimming through, I like the bit at 1:06 where @Harvindar explains the mismatch between long-term projects and crypto pump and dump.


Awesome work @Harvindar, you’re a great country leader to this pod and I hope the community / MaidSafe enjoy this enough to fund it in the future.

Great first step for the Global SAFE Pods program.

If this is successful, it will be a solid template for new MaidSafe community pods around the world to copy and expand on.

$300 - $500 a month for a solid community base in each country sounds like a wise investment!

EDIT: 25% of the way funded to the minimum for the next Malaysia event! Thank you @ $75 MAID


Great job @Harvindar, @whiteoutmashups, @wong and everyone else, fantastic to see! :smile: Can’t watch the video until later on but looking forward to hearing what was discussed. Well done everybody - looking forward to the next one!


I think they will be funded for at least 2 future events


What do you mean? Not sure

It’s at $75

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The Bitcoin address shows a balance of ~2.5btc from older transactions (2017). I feel a bit strange donating/sending support to an address that already has ~$25k. Gives me a feeling of confusion. Like donating to a wealthy man.

Could you in the future perhaps be open to the idea of providing a fresh unused (empty) address to deposit donations/send support to?

Other than that, great job! I´ll happily support you and send sumthin-sumthin for your cause :slight_smile:


OK I’ll ask him to change his address next time.

But he would still need to fund his next event

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A little bit over half way funded for the next MaidSafe Malaysia pod event!

$160 / $300 minimum = 55%

Thanks for the support so far! Hope this and other events survive :+1:

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I suspect what is at the core of the issue is SAFE is an ancient by tech standards still unfinished project competing with its own currency against actual currency projects that are by comparison radically limited in scope but also deeply flawed but also finished projects that are working now to overcome their fundamental flaws through upgrades. So its a case of radically broken and even conceptually insufficient existing products verses one with ultimate promise that has been delayed in launching for a long time but is making concrete undeniable progress with increasing speed. Maid would be trading on promise and others trading on incompleteness and brokeness but the possibility of a fix.

So it seems that the unacceptability of what is currently out there and the odds against it being fixed are what prop up SAFE right now. Its a hedge. But the others in true speculator style need to get SAFE to delist so they can get people to settle for what probably won’t work out.

And the final point here seems to be that if SAFE launches the others become obsolete quickly and if none of them including bitcoin have a critical mass by then, then holders could face steep losses. Delisting looks like a preemptive strike by speculators or other bad actors. Can’t think the UK government in its current apparent backwards form would want SAFE for its citizens or people it targets.

On the otherhand I can’t claim to have much knowledge about crypto currencies so its an extreme outsider’s view point.


Update on this:

Next event proposal:
Date - March 10, 7:30 PM :clock3:
Location - Sunway Leadership Center Subang
Guest Speaker (online): @dugcampbell
Minimum budget: $300
Maximum budget: $500
Currently Funded: $175 (60%)

Funding addresses:
BTC / MAID: 1PS8TNPQ7qabWL52rx4W5So3m3pcTmwLXu
ETH: 0x67a5FA7ECe59229E2137b921C77B92e9a2A0FC36


Just sent some coins :slight_smile: Should be all funded now :slight_smile:


Hey @whiteoutmashups - I’d confirmed with @wong for the event 8pm (Malaysian time) on Saturday 24th Feb. Has this date now changed?

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Yes @Harvindar told me everyone is out for Chinese New Year until then. Are you in the MaidSafe Malaysia Whatsapp group chat?

No I’m not, feel free to add me. I’m actually away that Saturday I’m afraid - leave it with me and I’ll see if I can rearrange

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Hi Dug,

Sorry for the change in dates. We have the Chinese New Year festivities taking place the next few weeks and had to move the dates. Initially we thought it would be alright but then we realized its not a good date. Hope you can make it. Will be good to get your insight and thoughts on Marketing and Maidsafe. Jun will work the agenda while we set up the meeting here. Look forward to speaking to you on the day.



Hi Everyone, we are trying to have a channel for everyone to dial in to the POD (like skype etc). Any recommendation? Preferably free service :slight_smile: