New (MAID)Safe Network Meetup in Toronto

Now I’ve done it.

After looking unsuccessfully for a local MAIDSafe/SafeNet meetup in the Greater Toronto Area (AKA GTA (representing ~~20% of the Canadian economy) I started one.

Nothing says commitment like cash so I paid for it out of my own pocket.

Before beating the drums and attracting people I’m hoping folks here will chime in with information to help align this new meetup with existing goals and standards.

Immediate need-to-know on use of artwork and graphics. Is there a repository of (open-source?) art that can used for the meetup?

Any help/direction/feedback and/or constructive criticism appreciated.



That’s how to get it done!!

Great job man! Make sure to have regular meetings with informative talks on the subject, and offer free food :smile:

I’ve been trying to get a SAFE Apps Hackathon going at our SF Pod, but maybe you can beat us to it!

Keep us updated here on every event!! (That will also be free advertising to your local community)


Thanks for the support :^}

As a complete MAIDSafe/SAFE Network newbie I’d appreciate links to content we can present via video conference (think Hangouts, Skype …).

Was thinking of starting with SAFE Network 101 and working out from there.

Is there an existing repository of slide decks available?

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Toronto MaidSafe Meetup URL:


This is great. We are looking to have our own meetup events as well down here in Melbourne. Oh, by the way, I am from MaidSafe Melbourne <>, a new community to support SAFE Network down here in Melbourne, Australia. I think you are doing great. I will help to spread the words for your meetup. Please also connect with us on Facebook (Maidsafe Melbourne page) and Twitter @MaidsafeM.



Has this been shut down? shows its no longer available. @frabrunelle had joined so it was live.