SAFE Network Alpha Release!

We are delighted to announce the immediate availability of the alpha release of the SAFE Network :tada:

This is a client-only network, meaning that users cannot run vaults (contribute their resources) from home yet, all data will be hosted on a vault (p2p) network managed by MaidSafe. The ability for users to run their own vault will be enabled shortly.

Network storage during alpha phase

Data on this alpha network may get lost and MaidSafe will decide or require to wipe the data and restart the network with each alpha release. We will communicate these events via the SAFE Network Forum and on MaidSafe’s blog.


This alpha release has some technical limitations (see the Limitations section below).

SAFE Launcher v0.8.0 – Alpha 1




  • Set UI log file path from config handler
  • DNS API - removed isPrivate param and replaced with rootPath
  • NFS API - restrict root directory deletion
  • Start up grey screen fixed
  • Log list rendering optimisation
  • API - ISO time format fix
  • CSP header errors resolved
  • Proxy hanging on application crash resolved
  • Clear application UI state on logout
  • Packaging fixes
  • Minor style fixes

SAFE Demo App v0.6.0 – Alpha 1




  • Compatibility with launcher 0.8.0
  • Rename files and folders
  • Cut/Copy files and folders
  • Packaging fixes
  • Minor style fixes

SAFE Launcher API v0.5



Here are the technical limitations of this alpha release:

  • When uploading files using SAFE Demo App, the maximum file size is 25 MB per file.

  • Each client account is limited to 500 PUTs. A PUT is a request to store a single chunk on the network (a file may contain many chunks). The maximum chunk size is 1 MB.

  • Users can’t run their own vault. To allow developers and users to use the SAFE Launcher API without losing data or seeing performance issues, MaidSafe manage all the network nodes. This network is client-only and uses a unique private network name.

When will I be able to run my own vault?

We will release a separate test network for users who want to try out running their own vault. It will be called TEST 8 and will be enabled on August 23.

The reason why we will have two networks running at the same time is because we want to enable users (both existing and new) to discover the software and the features (e.g. uploading data to the network) while not causing issues for app developers who are trying to use the SAFE Launcher API.

To ensure that the Alpha network will provide a good end-user experience as well as a stable network for app developers, we are running 200 nodes on DigitalOcean.

As for TEST 8, its performance will likely not be as good as the Alpha network, but the goal is just to minimally test the network until all the refactors and RFCs (disjoint groups, data chains, etc.) are implemented and tested. At this point we will revert back to having one network.

The reason why we are only releasing TEST 8 on August 23 (and not before) is because we want to avoid confusing new users with multiple install options.


If you need help with anything related to SAFE Launcher, SAFE Demo App or the SAFE Launcher API, please use the #support category.

We anticipate having a lot of new users, so please try to be as helpful and welcoming as you can :slight_smile:

Where should I report issues?

GitHub is the best place to report issues and bugs. Using GitHub will help us (MaidSafe) manage issues and prioritise work within the Dev team faster.


Yeah baby. Hoot hoooot. YES :grin:


Eventually a playground that lasts a wee while. Lots of hard work behind us, lot more to go.


Please help spread the word :smiley: time to get app devs going


Nice one.


Just do it :wink:


Congratulations to the team! Nice work. Great times are coming :kissing_heart::heart_eyes::sunglasses::grin:

The Ants are coming!


I figured something was up when you liked my post a week after posting it this morning :laughing:


It is real big news for world!


Yep, there is always between the lines :smiley: pretty astute of you though, a few times now.


WTH is this real???

It’s 6am, I’m certainly just not awake yet!!!

That must be it.

Alpha can’t just spring up out of nowhere like that, you’ll give people heart attacks! :slight_smile:


And News moving :slight_smile:


Wondering if this would have been better named Test 7b?

I thought that to be the Alpha release, the requirement was to have test SafeCoin enabled?

Unless I’m mixed up

This is exciting news!

However, this does not really reflect any of the features that will make SAFE great. It’s just a walled garden right now.

I hope this release isn’t premature. I worry people might get the idea that SAFE’s p2p network is vaporware.

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TechCrunch, too:


No not the Vaults yet, but Self_Authentication and Self_Encryption are both inventions done by Maidsafe. And they’re both present. Including the option to register a public name without a centralized DNS server.


Whats the difference between Testnet X and Alpha?

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Great! amazing day for the safenet


Alpha represents step 1. Tests are all pre-Alpha to get to a position where we could stabilise a full p2p network and offer the client experience for developers to really dig in and move the API forward there.

Now on Monday we are all in Data chains and allowing vaults to handle asymmetric capabilities on the network. This will take a lot of focus, but the front facing part needs to move on as well. So now it can, to ensure devs get all they need. SafeCoin and messaging are small in comparison but will get held until the vaults can be downloaded by anyone again.

The separate test networks will continue with downloadable vaults from the 23rd this month. That is where a large focus will be in terms of Engineering and I personally hope Alpha2 or perhaps 3 will see this all being a single network again (it’s hard work all the test setup//pulldown).

Now though we want developers and people to really see what’s coming and reach out beyond the community to spread the word and join us in this trip. So the Alpha represents our foot in the sand form the public’s perspective and allows a larger base of adoption.

All in all it means tests are good enough to now call Alpha release schedule start, from here we hope there is a much more focussed approach to releases where we move to regular upgrades that are managed and articulated to a wider audience.

I think as far as deliverables go we are on the right track to ensure a clean user experience as we start to add many more features, otherwise we will flood devs with huge API’s etc. right now they can jump in and really push the boundaries, allowing us to hammer down each method/interface as we go.


Are there plans to be able to update the launcher/demo/vault with a click of a button? Instead of uninstalling the old version then downloading latest version and the installing the latest version?