MaidSafe Dev Update - 16th August 2016

Since we released Alpha 1 last Friday, this Dev Update is going to be shorter than usual :smile:

We estimate that the total number of downloads for Alpha 1 (across all platforms) is about 2500-3000 so far. We are not able to see the number of downloads for Linux users who used APT or YUM, so this estimate is based on stats from previous tests and the number of GitHub downloads (currently about 2000).

The number of daily sessions on was around 10X the usual number over the weekend with almost 5000 sessions on Saturday. 66% of these were new users (or had deleted their cookies) with the balance being returning users.

We are currently making tweaks to the website to improve the user experience and maximize the amount of downloads for the Alpha. Also, HTTPS is now enabled, but auto redirect from http to https is not in place yet.

Apart from the accepted RFCs for data_chains / routing_table which deal with the network modules, the development team are also finalising the client side deliverables for the next iteration. We will share our plans for the next iteration as part of the next Dev Update.


We will release a separate test network for users who want to try out running their own vault. It will be called TEST 8 and will be enabled on August 23.

The performance of TEST 8 will likely not be as good as the Alpha network, but the goal is just to minimally test the network until all the refactors and RFCs (disjoint groups, data chains, etc.) are implemented and tested. At this point, all things going well, we’ll revert back to running one network.

Team expansion

Recruitment is ongoing with 2 devs en route to Routing (as we mentioned last week) and several more interviews to get through for core and front end. Of course @lightyear as you all know will take up the developer outreach and front-end development role.

MaidSafe will continue to search for developer outreach managers based in different geographies as this is a key element to growing the network.

SAFE Browser RFP

We’re doing a Q&A with @joshuef tomorrow. If you have any (technical) questions about his SAFE Browser proposal, pleast post them in this topic. We will post a recording of the Q&A later this week.

Also, remember that the voting period ends in 1 week.

Here is the donation address for the SAFE Browser RFP: 14mRbLbD33RSsYuhLJ4vPr1FWzW5XHRQjG

Please only send MaidSafeCoins (MAID) to this address.

(Contributing BTC is OK, but MAID is preferred.)

For more details on the Community Engagement Program, see this topic.

Dev Forum

The Dev Forum is now up and running at Only MaidSafe employees can register for now, because we want to take a few days to start using it and create some initial content. We will open the Dev Forum to everyone next week.


Thumbs up emoji!

Good news!!


Here we go again . Every step forward counts !


I’m itching for next week already! I’ll be happy to dive into the vaults again though unless y’all want my slow butt node to stay out of it haha which I’d be fine with.


Wow things are moving along very nice, can’t wait for test8.

Super that there is also a Dev Forum now, I hope you guys encourage devs to create tuts. Coding for the SAFE network is a different mindset, but what i’m talking about I can’t code :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks so much for all of the hard work! :relaxed:


Will alpha data be reset at some point or is this it now? I’ve finally had a chance to play around with it and it’s beautiful. So smooth, responsive and a great user experience. Awesome work team :grinning::grinning::grinning:


It will be reset at some point, but not exactly sure when yet. If it is possible we will try to give some kind of warning. Glad you’ve had a positive first experience!


Yeah I’ve left Launcher and Demo App open for days and days and everything still works lol. Really need those vault binaries to match with this!


My launcher keeps crashing after awhile due to some ffi error. But otherwise it runs fine. It can be restarted fine so it’s just a minor glitch.

I just received this Github notification in an email - v0.8.0-linux-x64 - FFI process terminated · Issue #235 · maidsafe-archive/safe_launcher · GitHub and it will be fixed in the next update it states.