Safe Launcher for 32-bit Windows/Linux?

Hi there, have been checking back on this occasionally since Maidsafe was first getting press quite a while back (early 2014?), and have been looking forward to trying it as soon as possible. But I’m using 32-bit Linux and haven’t seen anything about plans to make the recent test launcher work for 32-bit systems.

So I’m just wondering : does anyone have any idea of when this might be getting sorted out? Because I find it a bit depressing to only see info on 64-bit, and really want to try using it.

Thanks if anyone can help.

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It will be on 32 bit linux (musl) and arm next test as far as I can tell right now. There was a small endian issue we had to clear for this release.


Not being funny but have you’ve checked?.. I thought I was stuck with 32bit but did lscpu to find the CPUs were 64bit, just the OS was 32bit follow-on from what I’d had before. So, try lscpu and if you see [CPU op-mode(s): 32-bit, 64-bit] then you have a simpler option. If you have the 64bit CPU you would need to upgrade the OS but that can be simple if /home is separate partition as normal.


Haha, wasn’t expecting an answer from you, and thanks! Congrats on getting it to this stage too, looking forward to trying it when it’s ready if all goes well.


Yeah have checked a couple of times, and the terminal is telling me it’s i686. Would’ve been glad to be wrong though. :slight_smile:

edit : actually have just checked and I do have op-mode(s) : 32 bit, 64 bit.

So I might be able to make it work, but I’m really not wanting to mess around with this installation which I’ve had working for quite a while now. I’m not exactly a genius with linux either, so might just wait for the 32-bit if it’s going to mean less problems. Thanks for the suggestion though.


Yes, been exactly there… mistook i686 too and hesitated but then jumped as it was time for a refresh anyhow. Reinstall is quite straightforward, if your /home is on a different partition, as all the important user preferences are within /home - there very little outside the except for setting up services like apache. Just use custom install at the start to assign system folders to partitions and don’t format the /home partition. My approach is to log the steps for reinstall, so it’s less painful when it is needed or if I’m putting the same setup to another machine. Pessimists make backups etc.