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Hi I am new to Maidsafe but I have a couple questions starting out.

#1) Why is it that the safe_launcher app hangs up after about 2 or 3 minutes of use?
#2) Why does safe_launcher log to stdout rather than a file or is there an option to do the latter?
#3) Why doesn’t safe_launcher support a -h or --help option?
#4) I would like more convenient and stronger authentication than secret-password authentication. What about an integration with an arduino USB dongle which stores the credentials on hardware? Also some way to cold store credentials on paper perhaps with maybe a QR code?

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hush - that are pretty bold points Oo

I’ll try to chime in and help out / ask for some mor details =)

when i ran my poorly programmed synchronizing-app, erasing files every 90 seconds and synchronizing every 60 seconds for ~20 hours my launcher didn’t hang (wifi-connection and relatively slow internet) … where did you have those problems? win/mac/linux? physical pc or virtual machine …?

e.g. on linux you’d simply run “./safe_launcher > my_logfile” and the output goes straight to a file (sorry i don’t use windows too much … maybe there exists something similar :smiley: no clue)

probably, because you don’t need a help option when running it and for accessing the API offered by the launcher there is <<< because that would be way too complex to be included in a help-description

but yes - a short answer for help with a link to the documentation is a pretty cool idea =) glad you mentioned it!

mhmmm - i think there are some threads in this forum suggesting many different ways of accessing safenet replacing the “standard”-way
those alternatives will come as soon as the network is ready for prime time =) it won’t be a problem to use some other front-end for the launcher since it is 100% open source and everybody can just add another layer of encryption that uses some other technology to retrieve the login-data :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome to the forum.

If you use the search function you can find a wealth of information in the forum. @riddim seems to have mostly answered your questions though

You may not know, but the launcher is being phased out in its current form and replaced by an authorising system. I have not read up on this change yet, but it will likely make your questions on the launcher moot

BTW I don’t know if you meant to bold your post, but if you put one of more “#” at the start of a line then it bolds the line.