Request for suggestions on a linux distro to install on OG Raspberry Pi for runnning a vault

Anybody able to offer suggestions on what they feel the best Linux distro for the Raspberry Pi is for running a vault on? Any other hints or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks and have a great day!

If you want to be extremely efficent about things, and who doesn’t-- Arch linux is very good.


No, Maidsafe does have an ARM release, as of the recent official community test:

I also produce an ARM binary of safe_vault, daily, from the latest source code on the Maidsafe repo:

So take your pick.


So Debian or Arch?

@bluebird, why do it every day? Are they releasing that much?

It is an automatic process: a crontab entry runs a script at 11pm, that builds and uploads them. All i need to do is remember to leave that computer on. Actually, I might move the build process to the server, then i won’t even need to leave a local computer running. That was why I was worried about Docker image sizes, but I’ll probably just build the Docker images directly on the server from my github repo.

Aren’t computers wonderful? :slight_smile:


So magical devices of head ache.