Are ARM devices fast enough for MaidSafe (Vault)?


I’ve asked this question in another sub but haven’t got a clear answer yet and maybe there is no answer to it yet but I might just as well ask it here.

Will ARM devices or similar low powered CPU’s be fast enough to run the maidsafe stack (e.g. Vault software)?
The problem is that encryption routines put a heavy strain on the CPU and therefor often limit the amount of bandwidth or other operations.

Example; I have an Intel Atom powered x86 NAS at home and a usenet download program installed on it.
I have a 100Mbit line but I wont get more than 50Mbit out of it because of the SSL encryption I have enabled on the connection. If I switch off SSL, I get the full 100Mbit.

I think that ARM or Atom devices will have similar problems running maidsafe. I am asking this because I am consider to build me a low powered devices with an ARM CPU and put a fair amount of disks in it.

I hope someone did some tests already or can shed some light on this.

Much appreciated.



Some of our CI machines are arm based as well as many arm based testing. I used my phone with ubuntu on it as a CI machine a while back. Rasbery PI even works + tested on many others (we should list these I suppose) , but would not be great as a client (too much crypto there), but OK as a vault (not so much crypto).

In the codebase we have several benchmarking tools, we could take these and output xml/cvs/json and feed these into tables I assume. This may be a neat side project for somebody


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This will be such a vital question for the public on understanding how to participate and the value of the network. How much of the functionality will initially overlap with Indie phone capacity range.