Test 12 on a Pi 3?

Has anyone managed to get test 12 on their pi yet? If so what is the process to do this?


You either have to persuade MaidSafe, who are a bit busy, or someone else, or have a go yourself at compiling for ARM. There are forum topics about this for ARM / Odroid, but I don’t think Pi - though that should not matter. Those topics are bound to be out of date but a good starting point.

It is possible for anyone to have a go, but a tough task unless you have experience compiling software packages already.


It sounds like a project for someone with the right skills and time. I would give it a go if I had the right skills but am severely lacking in that department!

Would be fantastic if there was someone that did have the skills and time!


Something like:

get rustup
use that to get rust (nightly? stable?)
git clone the repository (which one is it?)
cargo install

fwiw this is why I am against a separate development forum. Unless there are still issues with ARM, then all this guy should need are instructions. As for wether or not rust will happily do ARM, that I’m not sure.

Users <------power users---------->Future developers-------->Today’s developers… ti’s a continuum.

The repo to build is https://github.com/maidsafe/safe_vault

And yeah, I imagine rustup target add armv7-unknown-linux-gnueabi would get you the libs to build for a Pi (not 100% on the exact target, but it’s mentioned here: http://blog.thiago.me/raspberry-pi-bare-metal-programming-with-rust/)

The #rust IRC channel on Mozilla’s IRC network could most likely help you out, see: Community - Rust Programming Language

In terms of a build command, I think something like this is what you need:

cargo build --release --target=armv7-unknown-linux-gnueabi
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Hmm, that build command fails with an error about specifications if you use armv7-unknown-linux-gnueabi as the target. The hard-float target (which should also work) seems to have built in support, so:

cargo build --release --target=armv7-unknown-linux-gnueabihf

For the previous home vault MAIDSAFE released a ARM build which worked fine on my CHIP ARM (similar to a Pi) So I am sure that if this release wasn’t purposed to be a very short test then the ARM release would have been provided

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Yeah I ran the previous vault build on a pi3 and that worked like a charm. They didn’t release one this time, but I’m sure they will be releasing builds for the raspberry pi in the future.


Ok so maybe as test 12 was always just intended to be a short test its worthwhile waiting for alpha 2 and then the team will a build for RPi. Exciting times ahead!


So can I currently run a vault, or not so much?

Not at the moment, test 12b will be released fairly soon so hopefully you shouldn’t have too long to wait.