OS X Maidsafe owners

I am a maidsafe owner and also a Mac user. My questions are this :

Why is there a wallet only for Windows-based systems?
Why should i trust some alpha-stage products for keeping my maidsafe coins?
What are your opinions on this @dirvine @nicklambert ?

Thank you!

Yeah it’s pretty ridiculous there is no stable wallet.

I just use omniwallet and hope for the best.

I hope the next month, the Mastercoin wallet Master Core will be available on windows, mac and linux.

The windows version of the wallet was also alpha so the windows users was in the same position as yours.

However, if you only want to keeping you maidsafecoin safe you only need a bitcoin address with the private keys. All the mastercoin transaction are supported by the bitcoin blockchain.

Hi, I think the wallet situation has not been a good one for users, there have been a lot of questions and frustrations, and we should have been better versed on the impact that these wallets would have. I apologise for this situation. Many of us have just left our MaidSafeCoins where they are and have not attempted to move them, however, I appreciate this is not the same for everyone.

I believe that Omni web wallet is becoming more stable and is now in beta, so I believe progress is being made and I know that the Mastercoin Foundation team are working very hard on a number of improvements to their suite of products.