Questions about web pages

I’m wondering if someone could clarify how web pages work with SAFE. Are the HTML files stored in the network? If so, how is server-side code executed? Also, I’m wondering about browsing. Is browsing of SAFE sites anonymous for both user and site owner? And, can a site outside of SAFE (e.g., be browsed anonymously by using SAFE?


For this part, no. We do not and cannot really provide safety for clearnet sites at the moment.


You can upload and surf static websites yes. You upload the files as public data and then use the SAFE DNS system by creating a “service.” Have you played around with the Launcher and demo app at all? Sever-side code cannot be executed on SAFE given that there are no servers on SAFE for the code to be executed on. However one might look into the use of node.js and advanced javascript, json, angular and other such languages to mimmic their functions and build web apps. Yes browsing of SAFE sites will be anonymous for both owner and user, but given that SAFE isn’t complete yet there are still some security issues to be addressed as was mentioned in the last update. As David just mentioned SAFE != Tor, no the anonymity of SAFE does not extend to the clearnet.


Good answers above - lots of discussion of this on the forum too - for example, search for “dynamic websites” / “SAFEpress” / Decorum / “Structured Data” / “javascript API”

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