Safe Network hidden services?

Hi all! I’m completely new to the SAFE Network but have been reading the docs recently. I downloaded the SAFE Browser the other day, and I wondered if the network has hidden services, similar to Tor, I2P, or Freenet. If those exist, where can I find a list of some of them? (And is there a mirror of this forum on the network?) Thank you, and I hope to learn more.


There is currently no network, but we expect a new test network sometime in the near future.


Great, thank you!


You can (when the net launches) put websites onto the networkt, but not in the same way you would host a site on tor. On tor you need a webserver that is delivering the site through tor. While on the SN you upload the site (the files that form your site) to the network and it hosts/delivers it for you, no need for a webserver. This makes hosting sites on SN different. For interactive sites you would need to make the site so that it is using the SN API to store userdata (using the SN as a database). But for simple static sites it’s just uploading all the site files.