Will there be a clearnet wrapper for the safe network?

if I’m interested in hosting an app on the safe network, but would want it to be as accessible as possible, would it be technically possible to develop some kind of firefox/chrome add-on that lets you browse apps on the safe network with the explicit caveat that this browsing would not be anonymous?

You could host it on Safe, and use a http /PHP webserver to pull it from there. It would need to be requested through the safe API so having an addon, while possible, would not be ideal. Not to mention if you’re going to download the addon, why not download the safe browser?


For static sites then I am sure someone will for firefox. This would be purely reading the site and as soon as you want dynamic sites then issues may crop up depending on what the dynamics are.

Basically any site that you are reading from then there is no issues, it could even have javascript giving a certain level of dynamic. The reason is that firefox can have an addon to access the safe protocols.

The issues for security occur when you try and do account access or any function that requires an account. IE writing

OR better do as @wes suggested

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That’s good to know. I suppose a read-only version is to be expected.