How will websites work on SAFE Network?

Ok how will websites be constructed on SAFE Network? So you have your html file and you share it with whoever by making it public. What if I wanted to make a content management system? What if I wanted an online photo gallery? What if I wanted a blog? How would more advanced websites work with the decentralized arcitecture, encryption and all that?

[@happybeing: corrected “MaidSafe” to “SAFE Network”]


There’s a great thread on here about the SAFEspace browser project,

Which might be worth checking out.

It address many of your questions

Mr. Irvine also has some great replies to it that I remember reading. I think that are on the SAFEspace thread too

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I think it would be cool to discuss what it would take to program this forum (Discourse). What does each piece look like in SAFE network terms? User Accounts, Topics, Posts, Permissions, Reading (just in time loading of long posts) etc. How will we develop a dynamic web app like this on the SAFE network…


Would this be a helpful addition, or not? I don’t know if relevant or not as I don’t understand coding, but just came across it and remembered we were talking about checking apps/websites.

Yes to me some of the first apps should be getting the code forums and communications ported. Nothing like eating “your own dinner of the customers table” to see if we have it right. I notice loads of apps API’s on todays web, but they are massively disjointed with logins everywhere. If we could remove all the registrations and the like and create great apps I believe we can eclipse what is there and fast.


Yes people do hate logins and if that could be federated it could get people using a lot more apps. Although there is a fear/danger in that that you could lose the login info or for whatever reason be unable to access one account and be locked out of all others. When facebook fails you go to diaspora and vice versa. Or when one pod fails you go to another. etc etc. However there is something to be said for the openid approach (however openid as it’s currently incarnated is limited because you need to sign up first before you can use it and therefore it’s rather limited. I tend to use twitter more for that universal log in function kind of thing.)

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