MaidSafe Montreal Meeting Minutes August 31st

We had another Montreal Meetup tonight. Of the now regulars, @frabrunelle, @jacob, @erick, and Olivier came. We had three new visitors, two of them entrepreneurs and one security researcher. Francis gave a high-level presentations of most of the components of the SAFE networks (the slides should be available online shortly). The presentation succeeded in generating interest in all the new participants: they all showed interest in coming back to future meetings. However, we also realized that quite a few details of how the system actually work are still fuzzy for all of us. @erick volunteered to create a presentation that will start from first principles of the basic components of the system, such as the Distributed Hash Table design, and provide key animations for all the basic operations of the system. The aim is to create a 1 hour presentation that will go in enough depth to leave no loose end in the explanations, and introduce all the key ideas of the system in an order that will minimize the amount of prior knowledge. The final presentation will be given at the Montreal Conference.

Francis proposed a few preliminary topics for presentations at the Montreal Conference and suggested that the conference will be held at the same time the network will officially launch, probably around December or January according to the current roadmap. We are also aware that the official launch date might slip again ;-). As for the rest, we spent a bit of time socializing and talking about some of the implications of the MaidSafe proposition. Everyone is pretty excited about the potential.

That’s it for me, I’ll let others complete with other things I might have missed.


Here are the slides of my presentation. You can also comment on the slides here.

I’m very satisfied with this meetup! I think we all had a lot of fun.

I’m excited to go to Troon, Scotland (my plane is Tuesday night and I’m staying there for one week) :smiley:. I have a lot of questions for the MaidSafe team and I hope I will be able to better understand the parts I had trouble explaining during my presentation.

The next meetup will be at the end of September and I will share everything that I’ll have learned about MaidSafe during my trip!


Nice slide show, Francis! When you get back from Troon, I’d like you to come on the SAFE cafe and tell us about your trip!


That would be a great idea to do!

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Here are some photos of the meetup!


This is so awesome!!

Way to go Montreal!!


Go SAFE Pod Montreal! You guys are real pioneers!