Project Decorum status update?

I’m wondering how Project Decorum is doing. The site contains dead links on e.g. The repository project-decorum · GitHub hasn’t been updated i quite a while. Ping @Seneca, @bzee


Who knows the crowdsale address, does it still hold enough funds to complete development or was it cashed out at the time?
Not suggesting anything fishy, just wondering what financing looks like after all this time.


I would be surprised if the money didn’t move… The idea is to use them for development. I see no reason for them to sit and not move.

For example, they might move them into their bank account. I’m not interested in other people’s bank accounts :wink:

Well crowdsale funds are not really personal finances.


That’s right, but you can ask if there is any development money left without wanting to see the company’s bank account …

True, but I think I asked if anyone had the crowdsale address :grinning:

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Yes, but I say again what will this show?

The idea of these addresses is to collect the money in them and then move them. The idea is not that the money is sitting there and I would be surprised if they were not moved…

Well it can show very simply that it has all been cashed out and (may be sitting in fiat perhaps in a bank account) or it can show its sitting somewhere waiting to be used and stored in cryptocurrency.


I feel sorry for the decorum team, we as a company have let them down by not finalising the API and releasing. I hope they are quietly sitting waiting and then on Fleming get back the excitement. It must be hell for them and admirable they don’t come on here all mad and shouting at us. The pressure can be tough and having met @Seneca I think he is a very brave committed person. But I would not be suprised if he was demotivated and impatient. Let’s all hope for a renewed energy there and with many other waiting in the lines projects.


I understand this very well. I just don’t like it when people want to watch someone else’s money…

The Decorum team is committed to creating an app for SAFE and that is their only obligation to investors. What they do with their money is their business…

That’s where we differ in opinion. In mine, crowdsourced money in not a secret stash.
Anyway we are going in circles :crazy_face:


When you go to a Starbucks to buy coffee, do you want them to show you what they do with the money … I don’t understand why in the crypto world people consider this acceptable…

No, but I sure want to see my coffee…


I’m getting ready to go work so in an final effort to end the misunderstanding.
When you collect money from a crowdsale it is very different to Starbucks financing but I know that you know that.

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But you realize it’s only a matter of time. And you’re waiting for your coffee, right? During the waiting time do you want to see where the money is going?

I have more faith in @seneca delivering his app, compare to my own project. He codes, i don’t. Still i burned twice through money trying to get something done on the SAFE network. I guess it just makes you stronger to keep trying. Maidsafe sure doesn’t show any sign of stopping. So i’ll try again when everything is up and running. Just hang in there and trust that we’ll have fun soon :kissing_heart: because nothing comes close to the SAFE network.


There is no misunderstanding. I just point out to you that this particular question asked in this particular way is not correct and I am trying to explain why I think so…

Speaking of waiting time, I’m surprised @Seneca hasn’t replied yet. I understand about the API, but a reply would be nice, and there hardly is a reason for the links on the website to stay broken.


How so.
Firstly I said I dont suggest anything fishy.
How terrible of me to wonder if it is left in crypto for when they are ready to continue development, it could be worth more, it could be worth less… it could be in fiat. But I clearly offended you bud. No offense intended.


Yes, I know you’re not suggesting anything fishy. My point is directed at the question itself. For example, I would ask if they would need more resources to complete the project when the APIs are ready…

Why? Because there may be $ 1 million in the address and they still are not enough to complete the project… How much money they have for you and me is not given any information…