Project Decorum - Crowdsale (Ended)

Finally it is here, the Project Decorum Crowdsale!

I recommend everyone to read the webpages, especially concerning the crowdsale details, as plans have been heavily altered since the Introducing ‘Project Decorum’ thread.

Official website:
Crowdsale page: Crowdsale — Project Decorum

Feel free to ask questions about the crowdsale in this topic.
For questions and comments regarding the Live Proof of Concept, please use the Project Decorum - Live Proof of Concept topic.

Thank you for your support!


you might want to have some directions on these crowd sale addresses. if people send directly from poloniex you may not be able to identify the sender.


I added an extra big warning about it right above the Crowdsale stats, thanks.


Of course I’m supporting this :stuck_out_tongue:

It would have been fun if you monetized Decorum with a one-time fee or like:

And gave your supporters/early adopters a cut of that…

If the forum had a pay per character option, the forum holders and users could benefit from that.

But ofcourse I’m suporting this, because it’s another app that makes the SAFE Network blossom.

Good luck Pal :stuck_out_tongue:


Project Decorum will allow you to create and manage a large number of different identities

Are these identities the same as what is created via the launcher?


I wouldn’t know how to enforce this on SAFE, it’s a too open platform for that.

Also, people already have to pay the SAFE Network for PUTs, I think additional costs would scare many people away.


Yes! It uses the SAFE DNS.

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Sounds great - this kind of foundational tool / platform that’ll allow many other projects to be built on Safe will be brilliant for kick-starting advanced uses of Safe without everyone having to re-do the same work that you’ll be pioneering.

Regarding Clike tokens and value, I’m wondering what makes it attractive for people to receive or give Clike tokens?

Does the recipient receive any value relating to the market price of the token? Is there anything that sets this endorsement apart from other endorsements people may give on Decorum, other than the cost associated with this?

Congratulations, and hope the sale, and even more importantly building Decorum goes well!


Clike tokens are the endorsement type that 1) don’t require reputation in the target community, and 2) are not restricted in amount you can give to the same content per identity.

I think it will be especially attractive to organisations with a PR budget, because it’s a lot easier than to make thousands of accounts which need to build up reputation in the target communities.
If that turns out to be the case, their PR budgets will go into the Clike market, pushing up the price. So it’s market value may be a profit opportunity, simply by selling at a far higher point than you buy them now.

It may also be attractive to individuals when they feel very strongly about something, and don’t consider their signature endorsement enough. They can give further endorsements with Clike.


Regarding Future Value of Clike Tokens: I’ve talked to @Seneca and @MrAnderson and the intention for crowdfoundhub is to use the Decorum protocol for projects “hosted” with/in/on the hub. These Clike tokens (along with your personal influence tokens) should be a great way for anyone to bring promotional support to your own projects or projects you feel strongly about supporting.


So it’s kind of like an endorsement that everyone knows had to be paid for?

If that’s in demand, might there be a market for other paid for endorsement tokens? I’m struggling to see why these will have any significant future value.

I was hoping holders of the tokens would have some privilege / benefit beyond doing what seems like a ‘proof of burn’ endorsement.

Perhaps I’m just missing the value that others are seeing here :slight_smile: (and I’m still going to donate to help out even if I don’t understand the appeal of Clikes!).

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Possible, but I don’t know.

If you imagine a future where a lot of people use Project Decorum’s protocol to communicate, to the point that organisations start seeing it as a real target for PR purposes, then Clike is the easiest way to get them exposure. Since people own their own data, advertising as done on the clear-net doesn’t work in SAFE. So instead of paying an advertisement company like google or facebook to show ads on pages, they buy Clike for this purpose.

Great, thanks! Also remember that you don’t necessarily need to see it to make a profit, just as long as others do! :wink:


Just noticed my Maid donation arrived safely. I’ve followed this project rather closely since last year, and I see a huge potential. The net is all about socializing, next to the commercial activities we perform, and I think we should not make any mistake: Potentially this is HUGE. I wish all participants good luck. Good to see also that MaidSafe people from all levels are involved. Toi toi toi! :slight_smile:


If I understand correctly, the individual user will have great discretion as to the importance they give the to types of trust:

  1. Hard won by their nature, Web of Trust ranking will always be weighted heavily and persistently when viewed against Clike ranking.

  2. Value of Clike rank decays with time.

  3. User has the option to select whether to even pay any attention at all to Clike rankings. Can simply ignore it and operate strictly on WoT rankings.

Therefore, Clike could have huge value in terms of getting in front of very targeted groups, but the promoter had better do it right, because they stand the risk of having the door shut in their faces quite easily and without bother to the User if the promoter is not well targeted, polite, considerate and relevant to the User.

Modern mass marketers are likely to simply not get this at first because they’re model is abusive by necessity.

The subtlety of this is incredible and one example of how SAFE enforces rationality by making individuals in control by default.

It’s really hard to gauge how the economics of Clike will go, but it’s going to be interesting watching it find its level and usages.

Very cool.


I couldn’t have put it better myself @fergish, thanks!


The Project Decorum Coins have been successfuly registered in the Omni protocol:

So PDC’s with ID #59 are the legitimate ones! I just updated the website as well. I’ll attempt to get it on some exchanges after the crowdsale has ended.


I love how this puts the responsibility on the promoter to be as considerate as they can be. It could really change the direction of advertising as you have already said. My time in precious and if you mess with my time I can shut the door! Awesome!


@Warren should really love this prospect I suspect. Or at least consider it better than the current situation.


Are you going to list PDC in any exchange?

I’m definitely going to try to get it listed! Bittrex will be my first target. With the current result already, I don’t think they’ll object.