What to (still) expect from PDC in the future?

See topic title. It’s a simple question. Please give us some clarity on this. I want to know if I can mentally let this go or not.

A lot of people gave their trust and bought into PDC. ICO funds still there(?), but no updates whatsoever.

If it’s not the end, please let us know why you don’t think so and if the community can help going forward.


I still have confident with Harmen. I’m still hoping that the project with succeed.
I believe Harmen is still waiting for the Safe Network to mature…
Maybe another option for the Decorum project is to explore outside Safe Network (Cosmos, Near, Polkadot, …)


I have faith in the guys. Life can happen and lord knows it has been the last couple of years so but they are smart fellas that have built cool things in the past and I think will keep their word. Better to hear it from the horses mouth of course.



I understand that ‘life happens’ but that won’t mean updates can’t happen. An update saying that there’s no progress also qualifies as an update.

Meanwhile we’ve passed (or are still in) another (DeFi) altseason. Very important moments in crypto to (re)gain momentum, but nothing, not a word. Somebody even took the effort to add PDC to Uniswap, but it wasn’t embraced by the team. So no point for doing that.

The Uniswap add feels like the ERC20 conversion. It’s being done without a plan and thus yielded no results. One could already tell (and I did) during the set-up of all of this. What did they really expect to happen? Why not just keep the PDC on the Safe chain? Would not have made any difference without a clear goal.

PDC feels like it’s being managed by merely tech guys. If only the devs were open to a community/project manager. But maybe they are?

The guy can’t do much till the api is complete, he has said so.
What to expect? The same as was initially outlined.


I believe the eth coin was done as ppl wanted it, it does also still reside on btc chain.

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It will be very cool when the PDC token rises from the dead!

By the way, UniSwap has some liquidity if someone wants to buy or sell:


We’re still here, waiting for SAFE to progress to a usable state.


Do you still have faith in SAFE?

:roll_eyes: man oh man. Always at it.


Look on the bright side: at least this is one point of consistency in 2020.


Good question, would love @Seneca 's view on this

We all hate each other, it’s just pure murder :wink: We have not launched, he needs a network to build on, it’s not a hard thing to work out. Waiting 5+ years is immense and still he gets pummeled. I know how that feels and tbh it’s pathetic to dive deeper.



Would it be possible to get a status in the finances? I assume most of the ICO money is still there? Which means that you are now holding an absurd amount of money. Could you not set up some sort of buyback or possible stable coin airdrop to each pdc holder? Or even better a plan 50% refund or something to that effect?

If my memory does not fail me I sent 10btc+ to the ico contract, that alone is $350k as of today.

Do you really feel your investors money is best of just sitting idle? That we will profit more by you holding on to the money? I assume your interest is that your investors are happy. If so please explain why you apparently feel investors are better of with you holding the funds for potentially several more years.


Is PDC even tradable anywhere now?

Not sure, probably not which arguably is a good thing as it makes it easier to create a refund as no exchanges needs to be contacted to freeze the markets and what not.

Question is if the ico money is still there. Guess we will find out. Im done just being polite and waiting. One way or another we will know within the year, this is getting completely ridiculous and I’m fearing we have all financed @Seneca personal life for the last few years.

Why no transparency? What possible good/positive reason could there be… Hard to think of any.

Being polite is always good, but I do agree that some clarification as well as updates on the project from time to time would be in order.


Yes it is in UniSwap:

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Over 90% of the btc is sitting idle and has not moved in a very long time.

This in my opinion is testament to @Seneca being trustworthy.

It is not my place to share addresses but they were publicly known and the movement of funds can be traced by anyone who held on to the info.


Can you please post the addresses?