Post 18 — An Invitation to what comes next

It’s a big day for the project, and for MaidSafe. Yes, we are 18 years young today, but it’s way more than that.

We are opening the next chapter. A chapter that will massively accelerate things, in a way that you are probably unaccustomed to!

An Invitation

You’ve been with us for a long ride… dedicated, patient, passionate. So we’d like you to be the first to hear what exactly that next chapter will involve, and the sequence of events that will make this a very special few months.

Consider this a personal invite to join us on a new Discord server, where we’ll be hosting a series of sneak peek community meetups, AMAs, and walkthroughs that we can’t manage through the forum alone.

This forum isn’t going anywhere of course, it’ll still be the home for development updates, and the sleeves-rolled-up tech deep dives you’re all so good at.

But as things get very much extra we need some new tools, and a new channel to be a community force multiplier, letting us shout about the vision and what the future looks like, and then we start moving outwards and upwards together!

Join the Discord here:

Ready to Ride the Wave?

There will be a large wave of Discord native newcomers to the project over the next weeks, and a series of waves after that, as we step towards what we’ve all been waiting for.

As I’ve been saying for a while now, launching this rocket will be profoundly exciting, but also probably quite different from what you have been expecting. But different in a very good way.

You are absolutely in the right place at the right time now—and we are lucky to have you dedicated bunch. This is very much a strap-in-tight moment, welcome the new, and enjoy the ride.

Settle In, Buckle Up

So hop on over to the new Discord and get acquainted, settle in. Our newest member of the team, and dedicated community manager @Rachel (aka Atomic654).

We’ll be starting with an exciting announcement via a live Discord Live Stage event on Tuesday 27th February at 9pm GMT.

Hit the link, and ding that bell to sign up and be notified. It’s not one you will want to miss.



I don’t know how else to verify it is me on the other place.


This is me.

there goes my heart rate… :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Silver! On to read!


Read already :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@JimCollinson l’m afraid you’ll have to reschedule. I can’t believe you arranged this to clash with Maigret. Tuesday at 9:05 is Maigret [think Sheldon Cooper here] - there’s really no way this works!


Anything that grows the size and quality of this community, I am totally in favor.



Jim, did I sign up for patience-theraphy? :crazy_face:

(Great News by the way! I can’t wait for it to be Tuesday!)


Is the event Monday or Tuesday?


Yeah, it’s defo Tuesday. Will get it tweaked


I don’t know much about Discord and have used it only very little a couple years ago. But one thing that is clear, is that marketing side of this project is clearly getting more attention now, and I am very happy about that.

Thank you @JimCollinson! :heartpulse:


No Discord experience here as well :slight_smile: I cannot finish my registration, it says my email is already taken. I am registered to other Discord servers as well. Could it be the problem?





You only need one login.

Login to discord and on the left at the bottom is a big “+” symbol to add a server, select the “Join a Server” and enter the invite code


Well it seems they require you to verify with your phone … I don’t do that on any platform - I’ll only use email for such, so I guess I’m out. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Someone for some reason has used your email address. Say you forgot password and go through the account recovery and they will send you a link.

Then login and remove all the contacts and servers they have. Change your username.

This happened to me when I first tried to register.

I think at some point they would allow you to put emails in without verification links sent to that email.

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I don’t have my phone registered with them.

Its happened when i tried to make a second account and the reason was I was using a VPN. It was the same for twitter when using a VPN. I had to go back to a ISP ip address and it was fine and no phone number equired for either. If you do it with your phone then even the IP address is useless to them since it changes often on phones. Only a court order within the next 2 years could uncover anything in AU

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This does sound exciting and welcome… though I’m a little reserved and hoping it’s not just an acceleration of marketing ahead of the network being ready for prime time (a mistake that has been made in the past).

Then again, improved marketing and communication of vision /direction etc could be valuable while being clear and honest about the state of development / uncertainty about lanch time frame.

I am certainly eager to hear the announcement(s) on Tuesday… bring it on :smiley:


This was what I thought first. But I just needed to log in and paste the invitation link as @neo suggested. Thanks for help!


And a little frightening! Some of us probably take into account project’s pace and direction in their long-term plans. I wonder what kind of surprise is that. If it’s a marketing thing, then it’s hard to imagine that without updated website / primer.


Sounds interesting? Is this beta launch or something else?


Are the alpha releases that Josh has been toying with a clue? Is it alpha or beta or is it alpha to mislead… ohh all the questions.

Or is alpha in preparation for beta :man_shrugging:

Yet per the reply to this tweet of “insane if they actually launch”

“We (might) be doing much more than you’re expecting”

Things are getting serious out here in the Wild West.


Exciting, but I’d prefer us just to be told rather than having to guess.