Update 29th February, 2024

This is the update we’ve been wanting to bring you for a long time. Of course, the big reveal has already happened (you can read more about it here if you’ve just emerged from under a rock) but it’s great to set it out in the usual Thursday slot where it belongs.

First, a very warm welcome to our new CEO Bux, who will be taking many of the partnership and commercial activities off David’s hands, leaving him free for some serious thinking and able to really get his hands dirty once again. Bux has masses of experience in Web 3 projects, most recently Gala, and is a perfect fit for our project, as I’m sure those who heard her speak on Tuesday will agree. We also have new staff members joining soon to help us with the AI aspects of the vision.

Together with the massive efforts put in by the core team, these new team members allow us to break with a long tradition: ‘soon’ now has a concrete meaning. Very soon, i.e. next week, we’ll be publishing a new roadmap. Soon, i.e. in March, we’ll be launching our Beta release MVP - don’t go looking for bells and whistles; do look for data that can be updated on the fly and uploaded / downloaded reliably. Quite soon (October is the plan) we will be ready for a full release. It’s a tight timetable, but then we’ve had a long run up, and are very confident the basics are now in place. And soon enough we will launch a full marketing campaign, with a new website, updated primer and the rest.

It’s been a long, often arduous road, and there’s no way that we could have arrived here without the help of the best community in tech, bar none. This week we really do need to reserve a special, extra loud and extremely grateful shoutout to @shu who identified a very nasty doublespend bug which had slipped through, overlooked, as a todo in the code. @shu also provided some very helpful feedback on safenode_manager, which @chriso has been using to make improvements. :star2:

The ValentinesNet is now offline and we’re working on the next one, which will have bad node detection.

Do join our new Discord channel if you haven’t already - it’s where many live announcements will be made. Don’t worry though, this place is here to stay.

PR corner

@mav continues to bring closer the glorious day when Omni MAID can be exchanged for SNT. Signed wallet addresses are now used instead of ECIES encryption This simplifies the claim process, particularly for hardware wallets, and removes the need for some users to regularly provide their MAID private key.

General progress

@anselme fixed the critical double spend vulnerability identified by @shu where nodes were blindly trusting replicated spends. He submitted with a temporary fix, and is now working on refactoring the spend verification code to ensure similar scenarios cannot occur again. He also implemented a royalty collection system using the DAG. This separates royalty collection from wallet redemption.

@roland reviewed Anselme’s double spend fix and started work on a payment refactor PR to handle retries with a different payee on failures generically. His work on getting node manager running as a background process is complete.

@qi_ma has mostly been on cleaning up replication and also looking at data pricing approaches with @joshuef. Calculating data pricing based on network proximity rather than a single node’s proximity could reduce price variation. He also submitted a PR to detect and block bad nodes based on verification failures and connection issues, which we will get into place for the next testnet.

In downloadsville, @jason_paul fixed a filename bug where spaces were not being handled properly. This led him to find a concurrency bug when downloading updated versions of files. He has an upload refactor in progress.

And in the wild wastes of WASM, @bzee is hacking away to support multiple network transports like WebRTC and WebSocket in WASM clients. He also has a PR in progress to add QUIC transport with a fallback to WebSocket if browsers don’t support QUIC.

@chriso has been integrating his faucet subcommand enabling the faucet to be controlled as a service. He responded to helpful feedback from Shu on thenode_manager and created tasks to address issues raised. He refactored the faucet and node services to manage them uniformly, allowing addition of future services like the DAG nodes.

On folders, @bochaco completed and merged a PR to store file maps within folder metadata chunks, removing redundant chunking. He started work to implement local folder syncing by allowing users to sync local folder changes with versions on the network.

As well as preparing Tuesday’s announcement, and standing in for David who unfortunately was literally speechless on the day, @jimcollinson has been looking at how users can claim ownership of assets and how to onboard communities. He also discussed features like messaging and paying creators of data assets.

And, as always, @joshuef has been here, there and everywhere, leading the conversation on enhancements like bad node detection and how we calculate data pricing.

Useful Links

As an open source project, we’re always looking for feedback, comments and community contributions - so don’t be shy, join in and let’s create the Safe Network together!


Thanks so much to the entire Maidsafe team for all of your hard work! :horse_racing:

And thanks to all of our wonderful community testing our testnets! :horse_racing:

And welcome to our new leader, and a heartfelt thanks to @dirvine for all of his leadership for all of these years! :horse_racing:


Not too shabby a stand in I reckon. With Bux in place @JimCollinson will fly now. Just watch this space and with a set goal to secure Personal Control with our answer to the AI big questions of centralised control and manipulation of humanity the SAFE network will fulfil its destiny.

Yes, we will still have books, papers and more, but what comes next for AI beyond LLMs is coming and maybe intelligence of a sort is already here. What is clear is the world is moving in a direction of AI and it will not be stopped. Personally I don’t want to stop it, I want to embrace it, all the good bits but I know it has to be controlled and controlled by us, each one of us.

So here comes SAFE with all the abilities to create old type apps and new decentrlaised apps, but mostly here comes SAFE that gives us the opportunity to be in control of the future of knowledge and its great power. The network that has no human interventions or agreements or contracts can now be clear in its purpose, to give everyone access to the digital world, securely and with the freedom to create, grow, learn and access knowledge in ways not possible otherwise and never previously imagined.

I love where we are and it will be crystal clear why the SAFE network was built this way. It’s the only design I know of that allows us control as individuals in ways where nobody or nothing can prevent us getting access.

This is why since pre Xmas and meeting Bux I have had a massive confidence boost in the whole project. She is 100% the fire this rocket needed.


for mental health I do not 100% count that october is the date number one. (less disappointment when not) But not take to others, anyway awesome news.


Where other project talk about on-boarding individuals, this team talks about on-boarding entire communities.

:astonished: We are going to see exponential user growth.

I don’t see how communities can refuse a private, and perpetual storage place to host their communities.

Just trying to think… gamers with gaming assets for a start. How many users would on-boarding gaming communities who want to fully own their in game assets.


Edit: To add more, think about how Rumble and their community would react? And taking away their server cost and vulnerability to take downs?


Does Bux have a forum ID yet?


So good to see all this happening. Congratulations to the team, welcome Bux and other new folks in the team and no doubt starting to find this forum.

I’ll stop pestering Jim (sorry Bux) about the browser and @bzee about WASM, for a little while anyway, as its obvious you’re all very busy. I was thinking about apps yesterday though, so have a new question.

Has thought been given to how users of apps (and devs) will manage app use of SNT? I think it may have been touched on in the dim and distant, but don’t recall any detail, and wonder what the plan will be for launch in this area. I image that a user will want to monitor and control spending per app and not have to confirm a spend on every operation. So you might just have a wallet per app. Or some threshold which any app can spend (e.g. SNT / day) without bothering the user. Plus some way for a user to view the spend of all apps, or be notified on certain conditions (wallet nearly drained, more spend than usual etc.). Clearly that’s quite complex and maybe not for day 1, but some thought will be needed on how to keep spends under control without too much hassling for confirmation.

I’m also poking a bit at IPFS after David’s aside on the MaidSafe stage given there’s not too much point in me looking again at Solid until I can bully Jim into answering about a browser. I have reconnected with one of the guys working on Solid though, so I could look at CLI in the short term if a browser is somewhere on the roadmap. I’m not sure whether just to fix vdash bugs for the time being though.

It’s lovely to see so many and so much excitement on Discord. I support use of whatever is needed to achieve a successful network but am sad that MaidSafe don’t feel able to have a presence on Mastodon at least (raised again by @zero-ghost in another topic today). @JPL does a great job and I do a bit, but it does grate given the values and direction of the project. There are a lot of people on Mastodon who share our values, so it doesn’t feel right to me. For the technical side of what we do I think there are more people there, and probably more engagement with relevant use cases and apps than you’ll get on Twitter. All the other decentralised projects of merit are there except the best of all. :man_shrugging:


It takes individuals who are both intelligent and grounded, such as yourself and Jim, to recognize that Maidsafe required the expertise of someone like Bux for its next phase. Bravo Chaps.


How do I express my excitement? Idk that it is adequately possible, enormously excited for the team and of course David who has taken a fair beating along the way, just an absolutely beautiful thing to see it all come together.

The AI team members coming on board, the team rapidly growing :clap: . Awesome!


Yeah, we talked and stewed on it for some time… but at the end of the day we are both giving 100% of what we’ve got to the project, and we realised we needed something extra… and that’s Bux for sure.

We’ve always been a low-ego organisation. What matters is results. That’s T E A M.


I’m in the same boat as Josh - it’s overwhelming how much has come out at once. Us forum old-timers have to do some deep breathing exercises to keep our heart-rate in check. :laughing:

As usual, so much great work by the team and by supporters - thank you to all!!! :heartpulse:

Bux looks to me (scanned her twitter feed) to be a really great choice here. She has good energy and seems very intelligent. Given her experience I believe she can lead us to the promised land.

Great to see the dates for beta and launch released. I believed it was going to be this year and, like a broken clock, I was finally correct - yay me! :rofl:

The built-in personal AI is going to be a strong feature for Safe. I feel we are heading for :exploding_head: demand and usage for Safe --and in the near term to boot!

Thanks again to all for the really hard work getting us to this point - still another short lap to go, but wow - we are really finally nearing the finish line - I’ll be pinching myself all week to make sure I’m not dreaming.

An idea for some motivated dev out there (or maybe Maidsafe wants to do this?) - I think it’s been thought of before by others, but just a thought:

Modify a secure static linux OS like Tails to have Safe built in. Set it up so that when you log in, you log into Safe itself (one single log-in). Then make it so that it automatically backs up the home dir to Safe … and voila, we have SAFE-OS. Put it on a USB and plug and play where-ever you have secure hardware. Perhaps later on it can auto-update from the network too.

Anyway, thanks again,

Cheers :beers:

edit: oh yeah – stack maid people, in a few months it’ll never be this cheap again! Seriously.


I can’t find the original advert / image from many years ago, so asked
GPT to try and recreate it.


It was to put across the message that although engineers can build
amazing technology (Left) and if it was left up to us we would have
highly functional products packed with massive amount of command
line options.

With help from Bux, we get to something that is accessible to everyone (Right).

Also, I look forward to not being looked at in a strange way when first
introducing people to this project. :rofl:


Or being told “you still going on about that”. If they think I was bad before wait till it’s launched :joy:


In some circles I am banned from talking about it. hahahaha

They’ll be talking about it soon though.


What a great update, and what an amazing outlook for the project!
Congrats with all the latest developments.

One side note though, that has been on my mind since the announcements on Discord: I sure hope that the release dates will not put too much pressure on the team. This project is a beast, and when something is not done, it is simply not done. That could mean that a Beta announcement next month is just a bit premature. But what do I know… Just thinking oud oud here. I’m also pretty sure that @dirvine and Bux know what they are doing :grin: So it’ll all be allright, right?

I hope that you guys nail every deadline, squash every bug and in the end take us to the ultimate dream network! :boom:


@Maidsafe is cooking with gas now!


Nice to see the discord chat going bonkers. Such a good thing to see. Feeling very very positive now!


Big BIg BIG congratulations to everyone! The Discord is on fire, members growing fast, Bux bringing in people fast.

Newcomers loving the project instantly, like walking for years in the wasteland, and finally finding an oasis.

All great news!


We have been Buxed and it’s only the start :smiley: