Is it true that Maidsafe isn't likely to launch until the latter end of 2018?

I was looking at the historical road maps and test nets phases and it would seem that we are still a long way off from launch - is it more likely that maid safe won’t launch until 2018 or am i being pessimistic??


It could happen sooner than that, but my guess is that it’ll be a while.

I’m no expert, but I’d imagine data chains & node aging will be big features to implement that take a lot of time & a good few tests to get right.

However, with a running network, there should be visible progress over the coming months as Alpha 2 is prepared & released, then the new browser / authenticator model is tested, and while this is happening data chains & node aging will be progressing.

I think we’re in for an exciting year of visible progress, even if the full network isn’t released until some time in 2018.

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It’s very hard to say but I think we’re at crucial stage right now which will determine if this is a small number of months away, or somewhat longer.

If Test 12 works as planned, MaidSafe will hammer through data chains, data republishing and node aging, and when that’s working I think we’re very close: test Safecoin, and that is expected to be simple.

So the question is how hard are those things I just mentioned. I think they are relatively straightforward (and I mean that in contrast to an immensely challenging task) compared to routing and all the other bits that, fingers crossed, are falling into place with Test 12. But, they are still quite complex and could throw in a few unexpected challenges and delays. I just think that these issues are unlikely to be on anything like the scale that MaidSafe have had to tackle to date.

So IMO, Test 12 could be the point where things really start to fire and we begin to see progress building up and suddenly…

Nah, I’m not going to say it. Because I’ve been wrong every time I’ve said it so far! So take with a dram of whisky but I’m optimistic, and bightng nails a bit over Test 12!


I think it´s very optimistic to expect a beta release for this year 2017. Taking into account the experimental technology it is being developed here, the human resources available today and the work left to accomplish the task.

Even in the crossroads podcast #35 Viv recognized that some of the task remaining are as big as Disjoint sections implementation. That means that the 11 months left will be too short to accomplish all together including tests. Too much work actually for the very capable current team.

However it will be interesting to see how everything goes as always.:smiley:

Dam. Dam dam :stuck_out_tongue:

Where was that part? I must have missed it

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That’s not what I took away from that podcast and I’ve just finished listening to it.

Don’t get me wrong, it certainly could take until next year, but I think there are actually a lot of reasons to be quite optimistic.

As happybeing said though…[quote=“happybeing, post:3, topic:12399”]
Nah, I’m not going to say it. Because I’ve been wrong every time I’ve said it so far! So take with a dram of whisky but I’m optimistic, and bightng nails a bit over Test 12!

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Yea, it is clear we are still deep in the ‘developmental stages’ and whilst all the progress being made is very positive it is important to realise that the tasks ahead for the developers are pretty humongous and will inevitably take a long time to complete.



No problem man, I consider my position about this project as follows:
-Very optimistic about the final result.
-Realistic about date acomplishment.


I politely disagree :slight_smile: what he says is Safecoin is very simple in comparison to Data Chains and Node aging… at no point does he equate the scale of implementation of either chains or aging to disjoint sections.


Thank you, that saves me going back to check myself. I finished that podcast feeling really positive and I know I would have picked up on any comparison to the disjoint workload.

Speculation is pointless. Yes, a lot could go wrong and it could take another 12 months or more. A lot could also go right and we might be shocked by how much is accomplished in the next few months. There is no ‘realistic expectation’ because what will be real is not yet known, so there is only pessimistic or optimistic speculation, and all of it is empty because there is no way to know how long these tasks will take until they’re done. Better just to talk and think in terms of tasks remaining and not the time they might take imo. There are very few tasks remaining given how many tasks have been done already, very few indeed. The picture is almost complete. It’s crazy exciting!



And I disagree with your disagree :kissing_heart: When you make a comparison and put in one plate of the balance safecoin, and in the other plate data republish, disjoint sections or data chains you are equating the scale implicitly and explicitly.

What it is not realisitic is to say: the tasks remaining are easy compared with what we have done (very used here). After that it comes what it comes ->the unknown reality materializing and generating dissapointment. One of the things I have very clear with this project is that there are not easy tasks and everything takes more time than expected always. And that´s a reality.
11 months are nothing. Only disjoint sections it took 4 months.

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I have to disagree with your disagreed disagreement (?) :dizzy_face: , that is if I read it correctly. The point is that implementation of safecoin is really and truly trivial compared to these others.


Ergo the others are not trivial, and we have 1 reference of 4 months working on one of them.

The Datachain are, mostly, implemented and pass test. Of course need adaptation to mutable data type but is not a new job. And Node Ageing seems to me an easy job compared to Disjoint Sectors.

But we are in “terra incognita” and all possibilities are open.


That sounds like a slightly pessimistic take on ‘reality’ to me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But I appreciate your point. Things often take longer than people expect. That still doesn’t really help here though since no one knows what to expect: the issues that will be faced and the time they will take to fix are completely unknown. It might be sensible to assume that the remaining tasks will be encumbered by the usual complications, better to expect less and be pleasantly surprised by more. I don’t think it’s more ‘realistic’ though tbh. I think 2018 is currently looking much less likely than 2017 (not that I know my arse from my elbow ;)).

The 4 months was the worst case scenario with huge workloads. It is a pessimistic yardstick imo. Disjoints was the exception not the rule, there will always be setbacks and problems, but 4 months was a brutal one.

We’ll know soon enough anyway I guess. The months fly past so quickly, I can’t believe I’ve been following this project for nearly 18 months already. I think the next 3-6 will be very exciting myself.


Jabba cleaning the dust of his cristal ball :kissing_heart:

I don’t see the problem there?

They are unknowns? They could certainly take as long as disjoint groups or even longer if a lot of stuff goes wrong. My point was that it was pessimistic rather than realistic to use an example where it all went wrong. That is not how all of the previous feature developments have gone. I don’t need a crystal ball to know that. Disjoint sections were brutal, ask anyone at Maidsafe if that was ‘the norm’ for them :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Ok man, we let it here, I think each one has exposed their thoughts about what we can expect. :eyeglasses:

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I saw this just posted on BitcoinTalk amid all the negative fud. Hope the poster doesn’t mind it reposted here as I think it relevant and nicely explained.

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Re: [ANN] IPO of MaidSafe: Entering the Future of the Decentralized Internet
Today at 12:19:34 PM
Quote from: wrxbuzz on Today at 08:34:20 AM
Quote from: zeeman on February 02, 2017, 10:08:50 PM

TEST 12 is live, you can now run a Vault from home if you have enough bandwidth. You can always connect to the network as a Client and upload data and more.


You have endless tests in alpha test, when will you go into beta test? next year? And can we see real safecoin in 2020? It is miserable to wait for so long time.

Alpha is just Alpha. It lets you connect to nodes (Vaults) in a datacenter controlled by Maidsafe. They will sell this technology to companies as well (business to business). See it as a local SAFE Network. Maidsafe can’t read your data on Alpha 1. Same for local SAFE Networks, when a company has 25.000 computers on a network in 3 countries, a local SAFE Network would make things very secure. All data is encrypted locally on the user’s computer. So even when a hacker breaks in to the network, they need to get into the machine of an employee to install a keylogger an steal data. This is quite a big barrier and probably way more secure than what companies do these days.

About the real SAFE Network: They could move to Alpha 2 and let people run Vaults from home, but the issue is with “data integrity”. Your account is made up of personal files and when they’re gone after several days you probably won’t like it (your wallet will be a personal file as well!) Cheesy. That is currently a big problem with Freenet, Usenet and BitTorrent. Maidsafe said that they want to fix this before they move to BETA status. The solution is “datachain” probably with “archive nodes”. The datachain contains a list of all hashes of all files on the network. The archive nodes are paid to store as much data as they can. So they make it so secure that even after a complete global internet blackout the network could still reboot with all data recovered.

Implementing “Disjoint Groups” took over 3 months. it was a really big refactor of Routing. But it does makes things way more secure. The lower quote is true now, if an attacker controls 10% of all nodes they have only a 0.43% change to intercept a message from a certain group. This was 70% with the old routing.
The group messages do not provide a high level of protection against attacks on the network, even under the additional assumptions that routes are disjoint and that a quorum of the individual messages need to be intercepted. Assume that an attacker controls 10% of all nodes in the network, and group size is 8 and quorum size is 5. Consider a section message sent via 10 hops.

In that scenario, the chance to intercept any given group request is 71%. With the section-to-section hops proposed here, it will be just 0.43%. Further adjusting the section size and quorum size parameters, this can be reduced to a negligible number, making this kind of attack virtually impossible.

This is typically Maidsafe: they see a good solution to make things better, they work hard and test test test and even more test before they release. They did yesterday with TEST 12 and the network is very stable.

So, long story short: For BETA we’'ll need “Datachain” and “Node age” for both security reasons and data integrity. When they fix that (won’t be again 3 months I hope Tongue) they will really kick ass as a fully P2P, fully encrypted, fully decentralized network.