@polpolrene is now a mod

Hey everyone,

I had been thinking of adding another mod for a few weeks. @Melvin (which I added as a mod a few months ago) told me that he was in contact with @polpolrene on a daily basis for the last six months.

I know @polpolrene from his posts on the forum but I wanted to meet him on video chat. So I just had a Google Hangout with @polpolrene and @Melvin and it went really well!

The only other mod is @happybeing but he is currently on holiday. So it seems like now is a good timing to add a new mod. This is an experiment and we will see how it goes :smiley: .

We are also starting to do weekly meetings on https://appear.in/safenetwork. The next one is on Monday, March 23 at 10:00 AM (Montreal time). So this is 7:00 AM (San Francisco time) or 3:00 PM (Amsterdam time). If you would like to help us with moderation, please join the next weekly meeting or contact me in a private message.

We also have a public Trello board which we use to brainstorm and make plans: Trello.


Welcome @polpolrene and congratulations (or commiserations) :wink:

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