Goodbye from him (moderator) , and hello from me

Hello all, this is to let everyone know that I’ve decided to hang up my moderator hat - so goodbye from him, although as a mod I never left the community, so it’s not really a hello I guess :slight_smile:

Stepping down just as things seem about to get real busy might not seem the most helpful thing I’ve done as a moderator, but I have to say the rest of the team seemed quite ok to let me go! A bit too ok maybe hehe (though with many kinds words :blush:). I guess it shows their confidence: that the team and the forum are in good shape, which is why I also feel OK to do this now.

Personally it has been a great learning and a privilege to help this community through its early establishment and growth. I had expected and wanted to see us through “launch” but it’s been a long time (as we know :wink:) and I have been feeling the need to step back for a while now. The forum was taking soooo much time and energy I couldn’t continue indefinitely, and in any case, there are lots of other important things I want and need to do. Here and elsewhere.

I hope the recent changes, both adding to the mod team and streamlining the work they need to do will mean I’m not missed in that respect. And of course I’ll still be around - just not reading virtually everything, and not doing moderation, and much less involved in discussions about moderation (which I enjoyed - but were taking more time than I want to continue giving).

So this is just a little announcement to let the community know.

I’ve already thanked the mod team, so here I want to thank everyone in the community for your support and help. I love being part of this community and will still be around, poking my nose in and trying to help out a bit :slight_smile:

And now I’m waiting very excited for the MVP!!! :slight_smile:


@happybeing hope you’re still around man!!


GLad youll still be around :smiley:


Yes, I’m not going anywhere - thanks Daniel - and looking forward to SafeExchange too!


Huge thanks for so diligently doing what is a thankless task too many times in public forums. I would say though your kind demeanor has been very obvious in your dealings with the forum from an admin.

Buuttt now you are released to really say what you feel and be as cheeky, insightful and argumentative without being accused of power abuse will also be good I bet.

In all honesty forum mods should get some rewards along the way and none of us should forget this. It must be incredibly hard and hats of to all mods, they do an amazing job here and all seem like a fantastic bunch of folks.

So welcome Mark and thanks a lot for what you have done so far !!! I hope we all have a way to travel here.


I’ll be flagging every cheeky and argumentative post he does :wink: Hope you’re ready sir…


Awwwww so you mean we can’t work you to death all day every day for free anymore??? WTH man??!!

No, thank you very very much for doing it for so long. I know time has always been a push for you but you really hung in forever. Earned your place in SAFE history! Well done, and very glad you’ll be sticking around!


Seneca where u at? Jk :slight_smile:

I have been here like 2days (as a non-lurker) and happybeing seemed like the perfect mod. Thank you for the time you have invested.


Glad you are still around. Also, thank you for all the help that you have given to people like myself in better understanding the Safe network and its fundamentals.

Hope to still see you around here and good luck with the other important things that you need to do.


So now I dont have to be nice to you any more or upvote your comments? :smile: (kidding) Anyway … great job you did and appreciate your wisdom and contributions. GL!


I know that feeling all to well, so let me just say. Thanks for your time and energy and see you in the next topic Mark!

Talk to you later :wink:

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I’ll be flagging every cheeky and argumentative post he does :wink: Hope you’re ready sir…

***** what have I done!? :slight_smile:

Argumentative I know I can do. Cheeky I’ll work on. Fun and playful is where is where I aspire to be :slight_smile:

Good luck Chadrick I’m gonna getcha when you’re not lookin’ :wink:

@dirvine thank you very much for your kind words and encouragement, now and many other times. Again it means a lot, I’m touched. I will though be dusting off my skates once the network is safely :slight_smile: established and we can risk letting you on the ice after a beer.

BTW I am still a mod on the MaidSafe reddit, so the dictator lives!


Apropos beer, that reminds me. You still owe me a beer. Can’t remember what for, but I’m sure I deserve it. So, yeah, I’m going to hold to you accountable!


Yes @hillbicks, I owe you a beer. It’s sitting in my fridge right now… well, for a few more minutes I guess :wink:

PS I think you made that up, but you get a beer regardless.


Doubting me? Now it’s two beers. :smiley:


So nice to see “You have 58 unread messages in your moderator inbox” vanish!

As a community member, many thanks to all in our fantastic moderator team. I’ll happily buy all of you a beer - hopefully in Troon one day :beers:


@hillbicks Remind me to count my fingers after we shake hands. :wink:

I know, I know, that’s three beers now. This being cheeky is tooo expensive guys.


And now he’s calling me greedy. Should’ve upped the price to whiskey. :stuck_out_tongue:


This post is not in line with the forum guidelines. It’s an unwritten rule that you do it for life. It’s a religion :joy:
On a serious note Mark, I’ve really enjoyed working with you. I still remember bugging you with questions on Reddit about scanning chunks as a node and look their hashes up in a list to find out someone downloaded a Hollywood blockbuster. That was the moment you pointed me to this forum as you probably noticed I had the virus as well ;-). When I started modding after being around some time I quickly understood that this is was not a regular tech forum. We are very open and welcoming to whatever person and as mods we always try to be as fair to everybody here as we can. You definitely worked hard to make that mindset part of this community (and moderation) as it is undoubtedly part of your way of life as well. Thanks for all the great interactions and I know for sure we’ll both be around for a long time on this forum. Indeed celebrating the releases to come :thumbsup:.


Thank you @happybeing and good luck.