Holiday @happybeing is away... well

Just letting you all know I’m away for a few weeks, off to sort out the Greek economy as the EU seem to be stuck and going round in circles. Hopefully my spending a few Euros will be just enough fiscal (?) stimulus - in the right place (people’s pockets) :wink:

Oh expletive, I’ve gone political again - the other mods will now have to put this in off-topic.

Well, while some if you might miss my size tens stomping on your passionate discussions, others might breathe easy, and others think, “@happybeing is a mod, how’d that happen?”.

No matter, because @frabrunelle and @Melvin are not swanning off just as testnet 3 seems in the offing. Doh!

So you’ll probably not even notice. But, like the NSA, GCHQ etc. you won’t actually know that I’m not watching, so behave!

I’ll be beck.


Enjoy your break…don’t worry, everything will be fine, thanks for handing over the reins and keys to your office. I’ll continue to bring some sanity to the forum and monitor the pseudo-science/Republican views situation in a fair and balanced way. Now, where did you leave the key for the big red “Ban” button btw…ah found it?
Ok, now that the community is suitably re-assured, you can have a nice relaxing holiday. :smiley:

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Enjoy your trip :smile:

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Good timing for well deserved holiday before the storm. I love Greece (especially the islands). Some of my fondest memories come from Rhodes, Corfu and Olympia (not an island).

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