Poll for new bot channel proposal on Telegram and other chat clients

Greetings good people, we that moderate the various chat channels need your vote.
Recent developments in the Telegram chat channel have seen the creation and use of a “tipping bot” that utilizes some of the tech behind Baby Flemming.

This poll asks the question, Should the bot, since it a new form of Demonstration of the tech behind the SAFE Network, have it’s own dedicated channel in the different chat clients that Maidsafe Hosts?

The two sides of this are, right now it resides in the main home channel of Telegram which has been, up until now, been a clean place for new members to ask Questions regarding the Technology behind the SAFE Network and have answers clearly delivered without a lot of noise. With the Bot now in this same channel now, while it’s more ‘active’ the Signal to Noise ratio is diminished, to where new users may get lost in all the ‘fluff’.

The other option is to create a separate Channel for these Bot demonstrations so the Main channel stays uncluttered and new members can still get all the info they need on our platform, without the chatter of the Bot tests and the ‘tipping’ that is happening during testing. I believe this latter proposal suits the channel better, because on the 20+ channels I am a member of on Discord they ALL have a separate #bot-commands channel, just for this exact reason.

  • Keep the Bot in the main Chat channel.
  • Move the Bot to it’s own channel.

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Thank you for the poll @SalvorinFex!

The idea of the tiping bot is that when the community’s chat channel becomes too large with tens of thousands of people in it - the small number of moderators will not be able to read all the messages and help all the people.

The bot will at this point become a powerful tool for moderation, because dozens and hundreds of people who are willing to help for free will be able to receive a small compensation for the help they provide in the form of a tip.

It is also important to note that @DeusNexus ask the following question:

@Dimitar_SAFE_Network_Bulgaria We should make a list what is allowed by the bot and in this chat.
I was thinking of the following to allow in Public Chats:
-sending coins
-cat & dog, for file inspection and group developing chats e.g.
In Private Chat:
-init (in public chat little additional value for others)
-secret (because of personal keys)
-balance (protect others from knowing your balance by accident)
-adding coins (in public chat little additional value for others)

Once he make the changes in the bot the level of Signal to Noise ratio will fall significantly.

Once again in a nutshell:

  • the chat can’t stay clean when tens of thousands of people come
  • The Tip is a powerful tool that makes people help

I think this Poll should be public because it affects the whole community.


Why is tipping output public?.. ok, yes for demo a separate channel to illustrate the workings but I would have expected that only those involved using and receiving it should see it and then in the private channel with the bot.

A tip is given for help. In my opinion, it is good to be see in public that a tip is given to encourage people to help each other and to thank each other with small tips

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