Slack channel?

I really like the idea of having a Slack channel for the Maidsafe community. Being able to make real time messages could be a great deal in facilitating collaboration in future projects, or just simple chit-chating, knowing each other etc. without exposing too much in a pubic permanent record (forum). I think Maidsafe team already communicated via Slack but it is probably not fit for the community at large, or maybe Slack is not fitting for the whole community ? So maybe we should do something like MaidSafe-developer, MaidSafe-builder team etc. separately. Any idea ?


We do have a community slack chatroom though would require an email to invite you to it; you can PM me

There is already a Slack domain for the SAFE Network community.

You can get an invite by entering your email in the form on this page:

The only problem with Slack is that since we are on the free plan, it only lets you see the last 10 000 messages.

I can’t wait to switch to using the SAFE Network for instant messaging :smile:


I love our Slackroom :smile:

I just got the app on my phone and use it all the time :slight_smile:


There is no need to send me a private message to get invited to Slack anymore!

I recently configured a new app called slackin that lets anyone join without having to ask and wait to be invited by an admin.

Just go to, enter your email in the form, click GET MY INVITE and you will instantly receive an invite from me via the Slack API :smile:

I’ve been wanting a tool like that ever since I first created the SAFE Network Slack team in July 2014 and I sent many feedback requests to Slack to ask them to implement something like this. It’s great that this is now possible via an open source app (made by the author of Socket.IO). Other projects such as Storj (via have also started to use slackin.

It would be nice to have a few of you join us on Slack :smiley:


Hey i just requested it for me and Ronald of SAFE-FS, so whenever u check it, thx :slight_smile:

You might like to use instead - open source and decentralised, and linked to our Slack. Also less phishing.

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You mistyped the address. Here is the correct one.

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The SAFE Network Slack is now deprecated (due to the lack of features related to moderation and spam prevention).

See this topic for more info on the different chat options currently being used by the SAFE Network community: Safe Network chat rooms