[Poll] Avatar Flair Image for the forum

Hello friends,

please read this proposal and vote: Avatar Flair Image - first step against fraud

Do we add Avatar Flair Image?

  • yes
  • no

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What picture to use if “yes”?

  • the SAFE logo
  • green check mark
  • something else (suggest it in the comments)

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The link in the OP is set to private. I’m not sure what this is about even. What’s a flair image?

Thanks, I fixed it. Please, look now :dragon:

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I don’t know if it’s necessary for the forum… I’ll think about it.

In my opinion, there is a reason to put it as an option in the forum software and use it widely :wink:

I pinned this globally for one day so it gets seen more

:thankyou: Rob!

Seems a good idea, we can try it and turn it off if not.

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If we can prevent even one person from being deceived and robbed, it would have been worth the effort for me. There are many sad stories of deceived people in Telegram: Contact @rektplebs

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Worthy aim, but I don’t see this as capable of achieving your goal. It adds a layer of complexity that needs explanation and seems rather easy to circumvent. It’s not very asthetic either. For the same effort to create an explanation I would rather see a simple forum post describing your concern and educating people how not to become a victim.

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Friend, you understand that the same system is used by Twitter and Facebook, right? These are companies with the resources to test and see if there is an effect.

I agree that it is not a complete solution, so I wrote that it is the first step.

The second step is the bot that writes to people when registering and can be set up to alert and educate people.

And the next step is to put on everyone the title “Don’t send money to anyone, there are scammers” or something like that.


Or as I said, if ppl want to be sure who they are dealing with use pgp.
A public key posted in the users thread that has not been edited seems suffice to me.
Maybe thats not perfect but something along those lines.

People really should not be sending ppl money unless they are sure what they are doing anyway.

Caveat emptor.

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Friend, do you think that the people who fall victim to these scams know what public key is?

Remember we are not talking about current forum users. We are talking about the thousands of people who will register here every day after we lunch SAFE and a small percentage of them will have the opportunity to become victims.

I’m not interested in asthetics at all, I’m interested in people not losing the money with which they feed their families…

I’m a fan of the idea. If nothing else, it makes it easy to tell quickly who’s who, and added security is never bad. Don’t see much concrete down side to it, and still seems safer than not having the flair.

Maybe a green version of the safe logo for the flair? Regular one is a little difficult to spot at a glance because the colors are a little muted (light blue on white).

Very good idea friend, unfortunately the poll can’t be changed anymore but i will keep it in mind!

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Imo the flair icon is not a good way to instill trust. Seems very superficial and untrustworthy.

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This is also very good, all that makes more people to be careful is the goal!

Perhaps you could describe a hypothetical scenario that shows how the flair image protects someone from being scammed?

I had the impression the forum inhibits noobs from posting in certain places to prevent sockpuppets and spam.

I don’t value the levels especially and consider the posts of relative new users as equal to those who’ve been around a while… age is not a measure of merit.

The only distinction along these lines I wonder useful is core devs, as they are the only ones able to speak with authority on technical issues… everything else is one person’s opinion.

I wonder its as easy to mislead by an established users as a noob. Aside from that certain forums suffer their long term embedded troublemakers …branding all as equally special seems likely to stifle noobs from feeling welcome and able to chip in at any point.

tldr; no added value… unless more simply done for devs with maidsafe logo