Safecoin contest - PICK YOUR WINNER!

We have decided to hold a private poll to prevent any of the designers finding this and voting for themselves. So to cast your vote please private mail me with the number of your favourite design (you’ll find the number in grey underneath the design to the right) and if you have a reason why please feel free to comment. Only votes from existing members of the forum will be counted. Poll closes Thursday 5pm GMT. May the best designer win! :slight_smile:

See the final entries here - Designs | Rebrand safecoin, the digital currency of the decentralised network, SAFE | Logo design contest


Is it okay to discuss the candidates here?

Probably best to continue the discussion that started here -

Personally I don’t believe it’s a good idea as it influences the vote

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Can we vote for more than one, or do 1st choice, 2nd choice, 3rd choice etc?

The intention was to just have a first choice, otherwise you could technically have a winner that was no ones first choice.


Okay well i gave my 1st 2nd and 3rd, do with them what you will.

I did the same. I think having a winner that was no one’s first choice might be the best outcome.
None of the selected few were clear winners to me. But I saw one that from my perspective had the most conceptual merit. But it could have benefited from some of what the others were providing, which seems to be the intent.

The vote have been cast so let me suggest the theme I like that was present among the entries. Not suggesting the coloring, the grey is just background not suggesting a square, its just a theme. Inside of the C is supposed to be smooth- sorry.

Dammit, I missed the vote!!! Big bummer . . . I didn’t read the directions well enough, my fault. Well, I guess I will publish my thoughts here, hope that is OK. I agree with @Warren, none of the selected were clear winners. Out of the chosen, I would have voted for #212 as 1st choice and #722 as 2nd, i don’t have a 3rd choice. I was a bit disappointed in the final selection, sorry guys, none of them seem up to par to me.

@Warren, I liked the theme you proposed, The “C” holding the “S” . . . But, then again, @Warren, the COIN holding the SAFE? I don’t know, seems to go against your philosophies no?

A bit disappointed . . . Hope I don’t offend anyone, I think it is great people contribute.

@chrisfostertv, you didn’t enter???

The designers, do they have a history with MaidSafe?? Do they have a feeling of the culture or they just followed the guidelines? 5000 SafeCoins !! . . .

And according to this thread, How much Safecoin do I earn for a gigabyte (not that I will be doing it for the SafeCoins) I don’t even know how many SafeCoins I will make for putting up my farm.

Yes, a bit frustrated, through my fault of not reading properly, missing the deadline, sick baby, work, not going to University, not knowing coding, trying to succeed, trying to learn, struggling, country with a different language, heck you know, life.

@maidsafeteam, @dirvine, I really appreciate what you all are doing.


I am not sure who the designers were myself, I asked Shona if she was entering, but she said no chance. I think she was wary of being chosen, which is kinda sad, but entirely understandable. It will be good to see if the eventual winner is a forum member though, I agree it would be very cool if so, of course perhaps the best design in enough eyes deserves the prize as it should be.

I have said often I am rubbish, I liked the dolphins :slight_smile: I am not sure any design is appreciated enough until the success of the project makes it a success, I bet nearly every logo is disliked by many until it settles as well.


I will count your vote don’t worry! Winner will be announced tomorrow so still a bit of time to add your vote in :wink:


@dirvine . . . late 90’s I was around for the “.com boom”, I was there in the “late” nitty gritty, it was amazing, I felt involved, I was involved, I was young (19), I walked away from it for my Family. I should have followed through but I didn’t. My point is, I have never experienced a “higher up” such as yourself being so involved and being so accessible. I don’t know how you make time but it is amazing. Much praise to you & thank you.


I agree with @Warren about the fact that there isn’t a clear winner and also agree with @jm5 that I’m also a bit disappointed to be honest about the final selection.

Was this done on purpose for any reason or was this the outcome of the votes by Maidsafe ?

Maybe it’s just a difference in taste and hopefully many others have found something they really like!

Hi Shona,
I would like to vote for my favorite logo. Can you give me your private mail please?
Thank you,


You can go to her profile on this forum and choose to send a private message.

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I agree and I kept thinking its more like coin safe than safe coin, but nesting “c(s)” in an “s” seemed too abstract like simply an embelished “s.” But there is some minimalist yin yang going on with “s” figures.


Me? haha if it was a SAFEsong competition I’d enter…no I was asking if @Wulfcastle had entered, as he was the designer of the blackcoin site ie clearly a designer.

I think it is a matter of taste, it would be fantastic for everyone to like the winning design but unfortunately that won’t happen. The finalists were chosen as a result of several MaidSafe polls and much consideration by myself and Nick. We drew on knowledge both from our years as MaidSafe team members but also from our design and marketing backgrounds, because as much as we didn’t want to be the ones to make the final decision, we did have to be happy with all the designs we put through to the vote. I’m happy to say there is no clear winner for me as I would be delighted if any one of them won! We have had a great response with many people expressing their opinions which I am very grateful for! Final winner announced tomorrow, thanks for the input everyone! :slight_smile:


Thank you Melvin.
I tried that but I do not seem to have access to the option of private messages on any profile.

Drumroll please… The results are in! See image for number references

In last place we have #799 with only 7% of the vote

In 5th place we have #128 with 14%

Next up are #852, #722 and #212, each with 16%

So the winner, with 31% of the vote is #668!!!