Exodus Wallet and MAID

Exodus wallet is a fairly new wallet and gives access to private keys. Super friendly user interface and supports multiple coins.

They had plans of supporting MaidSafe, but I have not heard of any updates on it. Also the application gives you a bitcoin wallet.

Anyone had experience with Exodus and MaidSafe? Can any btc address hold MaidSafeCoin?

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Seeing as wallets don’t actually hold coins but just addresses/private keys, it is only a case that any BTC address can hold MAID. It is the address that holds coins, so yes any BTC address that this wallet has can hold MAID. You need the private keys if the wallet cannot understand omni-tokens (eg MAID) so that you can import the private keys into another wallet that can operate on omni-protocol tokens when you wish to send them somewhere.


Appreciate it. I’ll try sending them to the address then checking the Maid balance through some Omni compatible website.

I’ve used a couple different wallets. Exodus is definitely my favorite so far.


I’ve spoken to JP about it over email - I was a first round Exodus investor last year on BttF.

He doesn’t want to waste time adding a holder token for a coin that hasn’t been designed yet and has high fees on the BTC chain; he’s focused on ERC20 tokens because they are ‘currently eating the world’ - his words.

Exodus is actually already compatible with omni and all omni assets in the back-end. He did the work for it last year, but said he doesn’t agree that it is a good one to add now. He said he gets relatively few requests for adding maid relative to other coins. :frowning: I think the hype train is what pushes them as much as anything, so MAIDs time will probably come.

So, if you want it added you’ll have to make your voice heard :wink:


So I should be able to send my MAID to my btc address in Exodus and then import it to omniwallet and see my MAID there?

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Does Exodus pull and sync the BTC blockchain locally? Or does it use sync with a blockchain on the internet?

If the former, then you could just install omniwallet and share the same blockchain data.

Yes, but importing will potentially expose your private key (eg on the machine you do this) and is not necessary just to view the balance. You can instead just paste the address into omnichest.info and it shows your balance.

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They have some kind of API that is synced with the blockchain. No local copy. They give you private and public keys too.

Maidsafe wallet should maybe try replicate the GUI of Exodus as its the best I’ve used over the last year, very user friendly, safe and fast.


1.) Sent MAID to my Exodus BTC address from Poloniex
2.) Went to Omnichest.org
3.) Entered in my BTC address
4.) MAID was there!

You can use Exodus BTC Wallet to store MAID.
Very Easy :slight_smile:

Open to Questions or concerns


You can store MAID at any bitcoin address, so that’s a given. The question is: can you move those MAID when you want to, which you will be able to do so long as the wallet gives you access to the private key for the address.


Correct you are.
Exodus gives you access to your private key.


Can I ask “How Easy can you access the private key?” for example is it simply view it at the click of the mouse or say backup wallet keys to human readable file?

And secondly “Is it possible in the future that exodus removes the ability to see private keys?”

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It’s very easy to access private keys in Exodus. When you open the app there is a tab at the top you can drop down, then export the private keys to any of the available wallets. They are exported to a .csv file (excel document). Just write it down and keep it in a safe place. As I understand it, initially the private keys are stored on your computer in encrypted form, then when you want to view them, you export them and they are decrypted for you to view. The Private Keys are completely in your control. Only you have a copy of them


The only problem I have with the exodus wallet is, it’s not open source. This means that the developers can potentially insert malicious code into the software without you knowing about it


I use Exodus, but I don’t like closed source either. According to the last line here

there is still hope though.
I would also be grateful for tips on multi-currency wallets that are open source and can store, view and send e.g. BTC, ETH and MAID. I’m thinking about buying a Trezor wallet. Any thoughts?

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TREZOR is ultimate security for your Cryptocurrency in cold storage. Just a reminder that TREZOR will launch a new version of their hardware soon as well just in case you want the latest and greatest tech, although current version works fine. Buy direct from their website for best security. https://trezor.io

Also the LEDGER NANO S is another fine example of Fort Knox type security for your Cryptocurrency and offers same type security as TREZOR but for less money. https://www.ledgerwallet.com


Thanks! Where did you read about the new Trezor hardware? Can you post a link?

Hi, I forget where i first read a new version was coming but i did find this website which mentions the new version. But i have to say the current version is very good, and very secure and is still a highly recommended purchase. Its very useful if you plan to hold coins/tokens for long periods of time.

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Except that isn’t an option for Omni assets such as MAID.

Armory is as far as I know the only option for offline storage and transaction of omni assets, though I’d be very pleased to know of any other options!

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