[Overview] Translation of SAFE components into different languages

Hey guys,

as discussed in this thread, I wanted to open up a new one so we can organize the translation of the SAFE components into different languages. As of now, there is “only” the SystemDocs to translate, but beginning with testnet3 we can probably start working on cli und gui stuff as well.

I’d like to keep a list in this first post to show which languages are already finished, which are being worked on and so forth. It would be ideal if we could get a team of at least two people for every language, so there is a review of the translation. I’m halfway through the translation of the SystemDocs to german and I know that I’d want someone to review my work, because it is one thing to translate and another thing entirely to write a text that is nice and easy to read. So far I have only done the first.

Since I’m not finished yet, I haven’t figured out the best way to put the translations into one central place. Apparently there is a language selection in gitbook, but I haven’t figured that out yet. As soon as I know that, I’ll put up instructions on how to do that as well.

EDIT: Maybe it makes sense to change the subcategory Documentation to a main-category with the languages as subcategories?

So, if you’d like to help out, drop me a message and I’ll put your name up here.

Translation/Review: @hillbicks
Translation/Review: @BambooGarden
Status: done (one last review outstanding)

Translation: @jm5
Review: @nowfeelsafer
Review: @antoine
Status: done (except libraries)

Translation: @Dimitar
Review: tba
Status: in translation

Translation: @19eddyjohn75
Review: @Melvin
Review: @polpolrene
Status: in translation

Translation: @digipl
Review: @ma7as
Status: done

Translation: @dmitry_n
Review: @alexbubly___
Status: in translation

#A very brief github Howto
go to github.com
create an account
follow the instructions at Fork a repo - GitHub Docs to fork my repo and keep in sync with the changes that are made there.
I suggest we use my repo as a base for the fork since each language needs to be in a seperate folder and this change is not yet in the maidsafe repo. The file LANGS.md needs to be updated with the new folder setup. Syntax should be clear if you look at it. Please copy the en folder to a new folder with a name that represent that shortcode for your language and start your translation in the newly created folder. Otherwise we’re overwriting the original english.

if you made changes and added new files/dirs
add new_file_or_dir to your local repo

git add new_file_or_dir

commit your changes to your local repo

git commit -m "add your comment here, e.g. added new language" -a

push changes to your repo

git push 

Create a pull request


count me in for german. just dropped you a PM



I would like to do the French. Finally, I can contribute something :smile:



I will do the Bulgarian translation.


Ready to assist @jm5 for the French translation !


Excellent. Is this something we can set up on Github for a collaborative effort?



I would like to help with Dutch
But a review would be really needed. My Dutch is worse than my English that while I live in the Netherlands.

I’ll start tomorrow
Not to place somebody in the passenger seat here, but @Melvin could you review it? Since your also from the Netherlands, that’s if you got the time.


Sure, no problem


I think it makes sense to use github for this, it might be a good exercise to get familiar with it. I’ll finish the translation first and then I’ll a write up a short tutorial on how to use git for this particular use case, hopefully around the weekend.


I can help in french too



https://maidsafecoin.wordpress.com/ - Russian Language translations of MaidSafe pages;


@Melvin @hillbicks @19eddyjohn75 I would like to help out with some Dutch as well…


I just added a very brief github howto in the first post and hopefully everything I wrote in there is correct. If you see anything that’s missing, not correct, please let me know. This way you guys can already start working in your translations.


Thanks I’ll @hillbicks I’ll fork it and start working on it tomorrow.

Thanks @polpolrene great that you can help out, I’ll fork the github repo from hillbicks and we can work on the translation together.


I begin with the spanish translation.


Unbelievable effort everyone!


@digipl I just saw that you started the translation. Unfortunately you forked the maidsafe repo directly and not my fork.

Let me explain why it is better to fork my repo (at least from my understanding). gitbook requires a specific folder structure if you want to use different languages with your book, as we do. Every language needs to be in a separate folder and these folder are in the LANGS.md file

* [German](de/)
* [English](en/)

If you complete your translation to spanish and afterwards submit a pull request (meaning the repo from which you forked (maidsafe) should accept your changes) and they would do that, the orginal english SystemDocs would be listen and overwritten with your spanish translation.

So here is what you should do:

  • Copy the work you’ve done so far into a backup directory so we’re sure not to loose any of your work.
  • Delete your repo of SystemDocs on github.
  • go to my repo at GitHub - hillbicks/SystemDocs: System Documents and press the fork button in the top right.
  • git clone GitHub - digipl/SystemDocs: System Documents
  • cd SystemDocs
  • mkdir es
  • now copy the content of your backup SystemDocs dir to the es folder (everything that was in the SystemDocs is now in the es/ folder)
  • If you’re using gitbook to translate than use the es/ folder to you open the book.
  • Continue your translation.

If you then create a pull request, it will be merged into my repo where the folder structure is already correct and we can “upload” back to main repo from maidsafe once we’ ve finished most of the translations.

If you have any questions or suggestions, just let know. These are just my suggestions :slight_smile:


@hillbicks @polpolrene & @Melvin
Sorry for this SPAM, but i’ve started an NL branch


@19eddyjohn75 You need to copy the en folder to a new folder called nl please and revert the changes in the en folder please. Otherwise we will overwrite the original english with your dutch translation :slight_smile:

EDIT: oops, my bad. Just saw that I conveniently left out the part about copying the en folder to the new language one. Sorry about that, I just edited my original post to reflect just that.

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Hmmmm I thought just forking systemdocs & creating a new branch NL would do the trick. I’ll try to figure it out tomorrow I’m a real Github rookie, but this is fun & informative to do.