Translating resources and documents

Are there any efforts to translate the white papers or resources to other languages? I have absolutely no ability to do translation but would really like to see this happening and am interested in helping facilitate this process.

Project SAFE is a global community so let’s get the documents in front of as many people as possible!

What languages can we cover from the community here? Any volunteers?
Ideas? Suggestions?

I helped translating Omniwallet to Dutch and we used:

I’d like to use something more community powered. Maybe a builder could create an app for putting safecoin bounties on article translations/verifications. :wink:

That service seems more for apps with a phrase here and there to translate. Looks like it gets expensive fast.

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I can hire the best translators for all the languages that we choose. I’d make sure that they process the content so that we reach all related goals that we set.

This could be another point for the builder hub software @chadrickm is brainstorming too. Builder (devs, designers, marketers) Hub

When the builder hub is up and running these could easily be tasks setup for projects and assigned estimation points based on how important each new language (ie feature) is to the project. Those that translate will then get their reward if the app is used. Hmmm, this is interesting, what about how often their language version is used. No, that’s too complex and might even be a bit counterproductive. The project contributors would just have to decided on what markets are important to them and base the points on that.

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I was thinking more so as the translations being individual projects themselves and the translations would be for papers, blog posts, etc. highlighting Project safe tech.

Localizing apps is also super important but I’m thinking more of a way to get a wide array of builders to participate in the first place.
I’ve heard that developers who don’t speak English are advised to learn so they can work with software that is usually written in English but I’m not convinced. Translating the various white papers that are sitting in github would be a great start.

Just my two cents.

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David said this morning that they’ll user gitbook as a centralized place to publish the documentation, which I think should be the first step before starting the translations. These should be published over the weekend.

So maybe we wait until the weekend for a basis that we can use? If gitbook is used then we also have a place to put the documentation, which is nice.

PS: I can translate to German.

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Brilliant, I am sure gitbook allows language selection at the first page so that would be amazing.

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Just give us a heads up if there is something to work on and I’ll get right on it.

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Just submitted a pull request for the translation to german I just finished. I’ll add my questions/suggestions here for other people to read.


  1. Include this whitepaper Whitepapers/ at master · maidsafe/Whitepapers · GitHub
  2. Include the various FAQs that are on the, and google mailing list.
  3. Add the build instructions, create a structure for the different
    plattforms (Linux, Mac, Windows) that can be used throughout the
  4. Merge this one with the SystemDocs?

I think it would be better to create a central place for the
documentation. If we’re using a gitbook anyway then let’s combine it in
one big book where everything is ordered by chapters.


  1. Are there additional information for the local_network_controller or
    the buliding process in general? I don’t think the instruction are very
    clear following the succesfull build. Right now I have no idea where the
    local_network_controller is supposed to be. Maybe you can point me in
    the right direction?

EDIT: Forgot to mention this. If you’re ok with the suggestions, I
can merge those documents and also add the translation, just let me

If you have any questions, or if there is anything else I can do, just let me know. I 'm happy to help.


Fantastic work. If possible can you please jump over to SystemDocs. I am working on making that a central place for the docs. Please feel free to critique and suggest anything and for Gods sake please watch my grammar and typo’s I will be firing info in very quick over the weekend to hopefully get some feedback from this list next week. I am aiming for a place where nearly all questions are answered and this place here, debates and improves on any parts.

Anyone who wishes please feel free to fork GitHub - maidsafe-archive/SystemDocs: System Documents and fire away with any suggestions and pull requests, its a dumping ground right now, but it will get there soon.

Sure, no problem. I’ll first try and create a structure according to the documents we already have in place, meaning, FAQ, example, building instructions into the SystemDocs document. I’ll probably move the gitbook files and dirs into a new dir “en” though, so we can have a folder structure for each language that will be created for that and afterwards create the “de” folder and start working on the translation.


Well, talk about a bad weekend. First I had to deal with some personal issues that had me wrapped up until today and when I decided to pick up where I left it at saturday I discovered that the everything I did in my version of the SystemDocs was not saved by gitbook. Well, everything but the structure is gone. So right now I don’t have the patience to start from scratch, but I’ll continue tomorrow. Sorry, just a heads up that I didn’t abandon this :wink:

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No problem at all, the fact your are helping is amazing and very much appreciated. Do not go daft though, take a break and chill after some hectic start. There is plenty of time for this as it will develop a lot this week I think,