DevUpdate :safe: Transcript Monday 23 March

Hi there,

This is the second week of the sprint where the focus remains on routing. In particular the client, sentinel and connections class are being worked on. The pace is frantic, but all pieces keep moving forward and on schedule. Other work includes tying CRUX into routing, polishing Self-Encryption, plugging NFS API into the code base and designing the front-end of SAFE Launcher.

Weeks like this - when progress goes faster than I can keep track of it - are for sure great to report! Luckily David manages to stay on top of it all. :smile:

Thanks again @justine_mclevy for writing the transcript of the DevUpdate!


Nice work. I’m curious about Rust being mentioned in the update. Are you porting MaidSafe to Rust?!

“Launch planning preparation”

That sounds good to me!

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I heard @dirvine talking about parts being translated to RUST. Other parts will stray C++. A team is doing the translation in about 3 weeks.

That’s correct. When the team have made further headway with the alternative implementation they will update everyone, initial progress looks good though.


There is no transcript this week?

There is, I’ll post it over lunch

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