Its happening really soon. Help outernet get publicity on its launch on august 11

“Through satellite data broadcasting, Outernet is able to bypass censorship, ensure privacy, and offer a universally-accessible information service at no cost to global citizens. It’s the modern version of shortwave radio, or BitTorrent from space.”

Information about the project: https://www.outernet.is/
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This made me drool. Thanks @nathias


You can also look at it as a way to make maidsafe available globally.


Can more technical information be provided? How would we access it? Air balloons?

I also don’t see how the economics of the Outernet works to make the operation profitable.

The Outernet should be a DAC which charges a fee in Bitcoin or Outercoin to fund itself so that it can grow and spread more microsatellites, drones, balloons or whatever.

But the video does not describe the technical capabilities or how they will make a profit so that it can sustain and grow.

They are a nonprofit organization.

Besides that, dont you think a global audience would be profitable in itself? I hope they don’t infest it with commercials though.


No? What is profitable in itself?

I’d rather a commercial entity which can grow and sustain without capturing the audience.

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on methods that would allow the company to continue sustained development as a nonprofit if the service is free, but they don’t make money on ad sales or selling user habits.

I am genuinely curious, though. Not being combative or sarcastic. I find this stuff fascinating.

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Some ideas:
Community support/donations/pay-what-you-want memberships.
Developer bounties for decentralized maintenance.
(Unfortunately but most likely) Gov’t grants.

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Here’s the latest Outernet is LIVE

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Mozilla is a (rich) non profit too and they don’t seem to be suffering…

These guys could provide paid support and premium modules that would be dual licensed or closed source. It’s not a rocket science (but it’s close).


And Mozilla has become incredibly flawed as an organization. Firefox is practically and ad platform in its default format and if its not that its being consumed apparently by Google’s influence and ad model. All the annoying useless concessions to advertisers. Its a phony organization. Public can’t even really engage it. Its forums seem almost closed. Just my outsider opinions but I’ve had them for a long time.

Personally I am not a fan of Mozilla Foundation at all.

Just saying the model works well even for such terrible foundations. :smiley:


Outernet got a new promo video

This is great Maidsafe hardware


How does this work?

If its a one-way data connection, how would you initiate GET requests?

Outernet is humanity’s public library, broadcast from space for free. Outernet takes the best of the web and broadcasts it from space for every human on Earth. The content we broadcast is determined by anyone who chooses to vote on the most important things to share with humanity.

I received an email about their store being live, and so you can use this device to receive the data:


Thanks 4 sharing bro

Dallyshalla 4 Dalai Lama

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Yes, brilliant. There’s hope for humanity yet :smile:


I can’t wait to receive the 4 Lanterns I ordered.