MaidSafe from space?

I’m no expert on UDP, or TCP, but it would be interesting to understand how Internet signals managed and exchanged by satellites would affect the upcoming MaidSafe network. Would there be virtually no difference, or would the answer here depend on new technologies not yet created?

Oops, I forgot to include the article that got me thinking up this topic:

via /r/futurology …

It would be nice if Maidsafe and Outernet worked together in the future.

They also did a succesfull indiegogo

AFAIK it is broadcast only for now. We will need bidirectional data transports so lets hope.


Not sure if this is your question, but…

From what I understand, Safe net and Safecoin should still function where some nodes have huge delays.

It would see unlikely that a node on mars would earn many Safecoin if there were only a handful of nodes. It would also be likely that most traffic would be hosted from earth.

As time went on and more nodes popped up on mars, there would be a higher chance of a local delivery, which would be rewarded with Safecoin too.

I also think that data would be copied regularly between mars and earth in the above scenario. In essence, one planet’s global network would be automatically backed up to all others. Ofc, it would be limited by bandwidth available, but all planet net nodes would exist in safe net address space and the for routine would treat all equally.

In summary, I suspect the safe net and Safecoin to function in space, even with huge distances and latencies, assuming the comms hardware is capable too.

Interestingly, this compares well against blockchain technology. With Bitcoin, all nodes (who influence the network) must be able to process transactions and present a block to the network every 10m. This puts a hard limit in distances (due to latency), which would mean a single blockchain would be incompatible. You could have other blockchains with huge confirmation times (days, hours per block) and exchange between them, but that isn’t nearly as elegant as safe net.

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That is for sure related to my intended topic because it’s a natural extension of Internet via satellites @Traktion …OneWeb is a very interesting project, putting I think over 600 satellites in a closer orbit to earth cutting down an 800 millisecond latency down to around 30 ms latency.

So @dirvine – satellite networks are broadcast only? That means rural access points / clients would not be able to upload significant packets – perhaps only identifying meta data? I’ll look into this further! That would defeat the amazing change Internet access would provide for rural areas. It’d widen the “digital divide” even more because poor countries would be entering a completely different style of Internet life, more similar to the early days of broadcast TV for developed countries.

Satellite Internet access - Wikipedia

It looks like upload in satellite Internet is very slow at 10 Mb/s, while down is 1 Gb/s. Are you saying @dirvine that MaidSAFE needs syncronous Internet bandwidth? I assumed because of the four copies in the distributed design, files would be downloaded faster than created / uploaded, similar to torrents. Therefore, I assumed asynchronous would work fine.

No I was specifically referring to outernet, satellite is fine otherwise (latency etc. aside)