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Id imagine the new coins sre seen as airdropped ( zero cost ) and taxed on sale, thats what usually happens , and did when btc got forked.


BREAKING DEEP RESEARCH!! I uncovered the billion dollar Bitcoin mafia that controls and manipulates everything in the crypto markets! I discovered that Tether USDT is fully backed by cash…but not in the way people think. Tether uses large crypto entities with connections to US banks to hold their cash for them in return for commercial paper from these crypto companies. It’s a wild story of minor stablecoins, FTX, crypto market makers & more. This video will BLOW YOU AWAY!!! Do not miss it…

14 min.

tl;dr FTX/Alameda minted nearly all the USDT-on-TRON and operate as something like a central bank or reserve manager for a shadow East Asian USD payment system. We provide convincing evidence from novel on-chain analysis that shows how a real, albeit mostly-not-kosher, crypto use case works. This data also makes plain that Binance/Cumberland runs the Ethereum part of the same ecosystem and that these two groups of parties probably coordinate their actions in some way.

Previously we established that:

  1. There is a big ole pile of USD at US banks that bank crypto that matches USDT issuance quite well.
  2. All the major players bank there.
  3. The minor stablecoins look more like funnels for dollars into USDT than mediums of exchange or stores of value.
  4. Those minor stables look like they are feeding USDT-on-TRON in particular.
  5. A few well-known players are closely linked, via on-chain data, to mint-transfer-burn cycles of this process that run into the billions of dollars.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is going to transform managing assets in ways we can’t even imagine, but in ways that will be radically better than how finance works today.

When DeFi arrives-and it will-your life will be touched in a thousand different ways, most of them invisible…

DeFi will be so ubiquitous that a child born next year will probably grow up to have no memory of when there wasn’t a public ledger where assets were held and transacted and people had strong ownership of identity and holdings (just like kids born after 2000 have no memory of a time when you couldn’t just look up information on a phone.

At Radix, we believe that DeFi is going to be a powerful force for good. We are looking for people who share our belief.

A well done promo video promoting what Radix will be.


Thoughts on Sweat’s successful launch:

Privacy. Security. Freedom

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Slowing Economy, Struggling Consumer, Slumping Profits

€$ "In God We Trust "
Might as well say ‘slumping prophets’ lagarde powell, and “clueless consumer”. :person_shrugging:

Move over slowing economy, the SAFECONOMY will do better :sweat_smile: :partying_face:


On 15.09, ethereum received 2 new forks - EthereumPoW and EthereumFear, and those who want can convert the free tokens there into real ETH or keep them:

For ETHW: Tutorial: Set Up ETHW Wallet and Claim Airdrop | by EthereumPoW | Sep, 2022 | Medium

For ETF: https://twitter.com/EthereumFair/status/1573162123991318528?t=SleqKs_tbuIo82k_sw_a5Q&s=19

If you have erc20 tokens (with a high probability this copies will remain useless) you can sell them:

For ETHW: KyberSwap - Swap and earn tokens at the best rates

For ETF:

I tested them and had no problems, but of course everyone uses them at their own risk!

Privacy. Security. Freedom


do you trust in POS (in security way)?

Why not turn the mkr tokens into 700+ M dai, buy ether and stake it? Hihi probably afraid to test their own dogfood :crazy_face: Might as well have send those tokens to a burn address… oooh they did :rofl:


So, it would seem that DCG or Genesis trading may be nuke 3 to hit this week. Unless of course they found a spare billion looking for a home.

Appears that they may have had around a billion in UST not too long ago and that probably went poof.

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Isn’t their deadline for capital tomorrow? Curious when the nuke is to drop.

Been a nasty market but an opportunity as well. Accumulation, DCA, short, tax loss harvesting.

Have a lot of sympathy for those who’ve lost on these platforms.


Not sure of the date may be tomorrow, I am happy (at a loss like most I assume) for the markets to learn from this and for the ideals of p2p, decentralized exchange and self custody to become the focus again but regulations are going to be hot and very cumbersome now.


100% to the self custody bit and I suppose proof of reserves are some positive outcomes. Clear regulation also helpful to companies and customers if going that route, as long as regulation doesn’t stifle innovation.

I’ve seen others suggest that banks maybe be the new custodians and even be FDIC. Of course that covers KYC/AML through the patriot act so I’m guessing that would please both mainstream investors, institutions, as well as government.


Saylor throws all other crypto under the bus except BTC. Typical Billionaire behavior.

He gambled big and he’s losing big time. Can’t be his fault cos he’s a genius, therefore …


Why red? I think this is why.


Announcement live in 7 minutes START TIME: 12:00 P.M. ET



are we doomed Josh? :wink:

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Timing is spectacular


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I’m tuned in … we’ll see. :popcorn:


They’re late! Off buying in at a lower price. I can’t think why they’d pre-announce other than to cause the market to dive so their buddies could get in at a lower price.


Popcorn here too.
Actually, no popcorn left… They are 5 minutes late! :smirk::-1: