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Dogecoin: such bowwow, many powwow.

Ah yes I know of some other coins. PDC and SAFE-FS! (And Safex, but don’t talk about that one.)
Then there’s that little thing called SEED.
And… Bitcoin, I think it’s called.

Maybe some top20 Cryptos could be talked about, too (and others).

I have a HUGE difficulty in understanding why ANY non-SAFE-oriented coins are good, including Ethereum.
Maybe people heavily interested in SAFE can share their opinions on coins that might be OK to look into, even though SAFE will be leaps and bounds better in all regards. Or will it?

As it stands now I have 0 interest in any coins that do not first make their appearance well-known on this very forum. I even got into Gamerbits (which has a new website uploaded about 10 hours ago, by the way) solely because it was advertised on this forum.


CUrrently my route to maid is,

Fiat > kraken> bitcoin >poloniex>maid

Are there any other coins that are faster than bitcoin, on both exchanges that have a more or less stable price relative to their transfer speed. With bitcoin, i’d hate to watch my fiat payment drop in value while its trying to process my transaction.

I’d like to stop using bitcoin as transfer of value between kraken and poloniex.
Once on poloniex i’d probably have to buy bitcoin first before maid, but at least id like to make the kraken to poloniex transfer faster.

edit: I think i just figured out why all the alt coins suddenly went up in price, even doge… as long as its faster than bitcion, it will do.


ofcourse Maidsafe is nr 1 but i think there are few interesting projects including raiblocks and request network


US Fiat > coinbase > Lite coin > polo > btc > MAID

Way cheaper and faster sending litecoin


Because we don’t yet have SAFE coin yet. There are others with utility today.



Another chance to let everyone know I’ve updated my altcoin portfolio tracker app:

Still asks for the least amount of information of any app in this space, and had lots of updates recently for stability.

You can even enter “House” “1” “650,000” or things like that, so you can add your stocks, car, or anything else of value, to have a true net worth calculator that refreshes all coins in real time.

You can click “Create Username” and then bookmark etc to always be able to see your value without typing it in again

Hope to see more people making use of it.

Will give proper branding & URL soon, now that it’s stable.

Even my friends who barely have any crypto like to use it, to check every morning if they’re rich yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Maid is in yellow and BTC in blue


Guys, do you know any coins that would be worth looking at? (Except maidsafe :smile:) I would like to expand my portfolio. Would be nice if you guys have some recommendations. Maybe coins which are not above the 1$ mark if there are some.


A word of advice: don’t look at how many dollars per coin - look at the market cap now & potential future market cap to show what gains you might be able to make if all goes well.

For example, if there were 2 projects with equal potential, and both currently have a market cap of $100m, one project may have 100m coins valued at $1 each, and the other have 10m coins valued at $10 each, but the potential return on investment is exactly the same.

If instead, both projects had equal potential, but the second project was currently at a market cap of $50m with $5 coins, it wouldn’t be wise to invest in the first project purely because the token price was lower, as you could potentially make twice the return on the second project if they both succeeded.

So look for low market cap projects with good potential, not just coins under $1 irrespective of how many coins they have / will issue.


You are absolutely right @DavidMc0, thank you for your advice, but this strategy can not always be applied. It also depends on how much you have to invest and how much a coin costs, I would say. And not to forget whether long or short term investment.

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Nice write up about Zrx (0x project) which is one i’m trying to learn more about. Seems to be getting lot of attention and has solved some issues projects like Augur were having.


mmmm. just another altcoin pump and dump with wish-washy mumbo jumbo fuzzy wuzzy words.

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Lisa turning Black on 0x, hehe.

I disagree. I believe it does have a use case and is being adopted by quite a few projects, especially decentralized exchanges. That’s my understanding so far, but will always keep a sceptical head on.

I think that this will be maybe the year of protocols and decentralised exchanges.
Blocknet is a very good project

Which are the projects you are investing in?


From Augur:

“We plan on the v2 release of Augur to have 0x integration. 0x is an off-chain order book for ERC20 tokens, meaning we can plug Augur into the 0x order book and allow for significantly faster editing, creation and modification of orders. We’re viewing 0x as a scaling solution for the speed of transactions.”


One of my favs is Factom. Lots of good news on the way for that one too.

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Mmh i’ve read something about it. Not really enthusiastic. What did surprise you so much of it?

Agreed. The number of traders will grow, exchanges are so far incapable to deal with influx of new clients, and also, the major players such as coinbase, polo and others are or will be forcing KYC.

Decentralized exchanges will definitely attract a lot of attention.

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