Openbazaar and maidsafe

Could openbazaar be ran in SAFE? Would it take a lot of work to make it work? Are there benefits?


It could be and there would be significant benefits, however, check out the thread on licensing: LICENSING: Are you dead set on GPL3? - #158 by happybeing


I think it would be a complete rewrite, in order to take advantage of the maidsafe system.

By the time you rewrote it from scratch, you might choose to give it a new name, or you might choose to maintain the old name to capitalize on the traction in the community it already has.

I think rewriting Openbazaar to use maidsafe is actually what needs to happen. I am fearful of their current path of layering in anonymity later, instead of engineering it in from the beginning. They’re hoping to run it over Tor, I believe, but Tor itself is becoming less trustworthy, as there is belief that the government used a collection of different attacks against it, in the last anti-darknet operation.


I completely agree.

That would also bypass all the current licensing drama that they’ve been causing, if someone just wrote a new & better version for SAFE.

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I wonder how the system would remain completely trustless. The creators would need to lock themselves out of their own content uploaded on the network otherwise they can tamper with the files. Openbazzar requires users to update their software whereas on SAFE it would work more like updating a website.

We’ll get a native SAFEcoin based marketplace pretty quickly I’d think.

OB must have decided against SAFE…I don’t think they could have missed it when researching ‘decentralized’ ‘autonomous’ ‘trust-less’ etc

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They’re aware of it, but as of now, it’s not an option for them, since it’s not available yet. See this thread

Perhaps an early maidsafe app that somebody will write will expose an API that other 3rd party programs running on the OS can use to tunnel data through maidsafe. That would allow programs like OpenBazaar to be quickly brought into the maidsafe ecosystem.

Wow great news for the OpenBazaar team, they received $1 million in seed funding. Now they can finally work on OpenBazaar full-time, I can’t wait for a SAFEcoin integration.



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But what advantage would a OB app have over a native SAFE app. Seems like the stuff the OB guy said here made it seem like an inherently much less secure platform.

I don’t understand the wish to bridge to broken infrastructure. Mixing clean and dirty parts to make a pipeline doesn’t seem to make sense. SAFE can’t sanitize a server based mess. It can’t fix a proprietary chunk of code with a back orifice built in. The OB attitude seemed like a recipie for a HT type situation. The gov would have a back door and only bust heard users it really wanted so no one would notice.

But I am highly biased… open(free) bazaar (market,) they literally named their product ‘free market’ which suggests they can’t think through their own self interest so what will they do when trusted with your interests. They should have named their product “Austerity.” because the Romney style liquidation free market can free you through impoverishing enslavement.


Openbazaar is beginning to look like Openbizar. I totally don’t understand their strategy.

They still stubbornly plan to use Tor, so I ask why not use Maidsafe? Since their planning to release Openbazaar 1.0 in nov 2015, they got enough time to work it out.

In aug 2015 they plan to rebuilt networking/DHT stack, so I ask why not use Maidsafe DHT?

I’m still puzzled why they are not using a moderation platform???

The more these projects realize, that the SAFE Network is the place to be, the less time they’ll waste on fixing code.


I’m sorry to bother you, but since I asked a question to the Openbazaar team. I got an answer and some feedback @: (see the answer and feedback on Youtube)

what time in that vid?

I didn’t ask the question in the vid. I asked it through email/reddit and on the Youtube comment section. I got the answer back on the Youtube comment section

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I copy-pasted Angel Leon´s answer here:

Here’s a story of why I think Maidsafe won’t get anywhere, because of the poor licensing choice:

Libwww was available to the public as public domain software (Berners-Lee,
1983). Berners-Lee considered releasing libwww under the FSF’s GPL license. However,
there were rumors that large companies, such as IBM, would not use the web if there was
any kind of licensing issue. This came on the heels of the Gopher internet technology,
which was widely abandoned when the University of Minnesota began requiring licenses
for commercial use (Berners-Lee, 1999). Berners-Lee decided to release the code into the
public domain, thus placing no restrictions on its use. This strategy worked, and within a
year there were multiple browsers for Unix systems, and browsers were appearing for
Macintosh and Windows operating systems (Gillies & Cailliau, 2000).
GPL has its uses and its benefits, but in the case of networking libraries and protocols, it sucks balls.


Heee somebody did ask the Maidsafe question check it out at:

Here’s my reply to Angel Leon’s answer :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Maidsafe will be everywhere and the reason is simple: Maidsafe has solved the distribution of money problem. Everybody with a Maidsafe client can farm SAFEcoins. So people don’t need to go to an exchange or a third party to get SAFEcoins. You simply install the software and more importantly, YOU DON’T NEED EXTRA (ASICS) HARDWARE. This is already a big difference wit other cryptocurrencies. Here is the real killer: If the price of bitcoin drops to $0, you can totally use it for nothing. If the price of SAFEcoins drops to $0, you can still use it to store data and run apps on the SAFE Network.

When the price of cryptocurrencies can be controlled by pump&dump, schemes a cryptocurrency is just as weak as fiat currency is. The only thing that makes bitcoin relevant is it’s price, SAFEcoin will be backed by the new internet. Everybody will have access to the SAFE Network and SAFEcoins. So I honestly think, this will create an economy in which all people are equal and can use their computing power to be empowered.

bitcoin and these other cryptocurrencies are hardly accessible to all people on the internet, without a exchange or third party. So in disagree that Maidsafe won’t get anywhere.

As far as I’m concerned, i’ll only invest my fiat currency in asset backed money. bitcoin is backed, by the blockchain, but that is nothing if it’s price would drop to $0. Their are crypto’s that are backed by Gold, but their problem is that you have to trust a third party to keep their word. SAFEcoin is backed by the internet (It’s own highly secured internet), you can store data and run your app on it. bitcoin mining is centralized, SAFEcoin farming is available for everybody.

I can’t really say anthing about the licensing (that’s not my cup of tea), but I think OB can benefit from Maidsafes DHT:

Thanks again and keep up the good work.


Hey! I think is very interesting discussion and when we are talking about licensing we are moving to a complex arena. That´s the reason why maidsafe answer here will be really appreciated. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m not really concerned about the licensing.This is what I think is really important and what Maidsafe solves worldwide. US wealth inequality - top 0.1% worth as much as the bottom 90%


If I understood properly, do you think using Safe Network, world´s population will abandon poverty?
I really think licensing issue is not a minor issue, it can be the difference between a succesfull platform or not.


I don’t know if licensing is an issue or not. I don’t think the libwww comparison is valid though, and so is far from convincing to me.

For example, the state of open source was very different back then, and obviously at that time TBL thought that closed licensing companies needed to be on board to establish the network. He might have been wrong about that then, but even he was right then, it doesn’t make it true now.

We don’t know what would have happened if TBL had just open sourced. Maybe the net would be better today, without having been taken over for profit? Suppose it had been developed like Linux? And that it and Linux growing together had helped each other? Etc

Today things are very different also. Even Microsoft… Microsoft! has started open sourcing its code, windows is now free to upgrade and it seems only a matter of time before windows itself is made open source. That’s just one example of how different things are.

That OpenBazaar are making this dubious argument so significant to their strategy, and at the expense of shutting themselves out from using any of the MaidSafe technology, or simply building on SAFE, certainly is bizarre to me @19eddyjohn75 :smile:

It may say something about the values, vision and strategy of the OpenBazaar team. Good luck to them, but I don’t share their vision if that’s the case.