New SAFE Network Wallet Bot

I’m happy to announce that with some effort Telegram has now been connected to the SAFE CLI!

The Telegram Bot offers users to experiment with sending SAFE Coins from their created wallet to other users.

For now the bot uses test-coins and runs on a local baby-flemming network, not yet connected to the shared-section, might soon be possible after some IGD updates. You can also top up more coins and tip users by replying with a “/tip [amount]” command and is fun to do!

What is great about this bot is that normal users who are not familiar with SAFE Network can see what is being used by the network: SAFE URL, Public and Secret Keys. Without needing to install any CLI software and learn to use all of these commands, flags, etc.

Additionally, there is an example container with a test text file that can be inspected with cat & dog and see similar output as regular CLI. Then lastly it is also possible to create new keypairs.

You can see in the following screenshots how it works:


Initializing Wallet for Bot

Your personal details: SAFE URL, Public and Secret Key


Viewing the balance and topping up safecoins


Sending Safecoins to another user’s SAFE URL


Other user receives notification that you send him coins in private message!

Tipping someone or yourself haha

Explore the local baby-flemming example SAFE XOR-Urls with cat command

Explore the local baby-flemming example SAFE XOR-Urls with dog command

Start - Automatically run when you restart bot and displays a welcome message.
Usage: /start

Help - Shows the current help message.
Usage: /help

Init - Initializes a wallet for Telegram User which can be used to add/send/receive/tip coins.
Usage: /init

Secret - Shows the users wallet details including; Wallet SAFE-URL, Public Key and Secret Key.
Usage: /secret

Balance - Shows the current Safecoin balance of the user’s wallet.
Usage: /balance

Addcoins - Add test coins to your wallet!
Usage: /addcoins [amount]

Send - Use to send Safecoins to other SAFE-URL addresses, without arguments it will display a help message.
Usage: /send [amount] [safe-wallet url]

Tip - Use to send a tip to a reply of a user who also has a SAFE Wallet, without arguments it will display a help message.
Usage: /tip [amount]

Keypair - Obtain keypairs from the CLI.
Usage: /keypair

Cat - View Folders/Files with cat, without arguments will display a help message.
Usage: /cat [NRS-URL or XOR-URL]

Dog - Inspect Folders/Files with dog, without arguments will display a help message.
Usage: /dog [NRS-URL or XOR-URL]

These are all the commands that are currently available to try out.
Thank you for reading, hope you enjoy experimenting with it!

EDIT: The /cat and /dog command are currently not working.
EDIT: Now migrated to new server with more memory! The previous one had too little and caused it to freeze. So in case you experience any restarts, please clean your bot chat history and do a fresh /init!


Very cool!!! I can’t wait to send you a fat tip of real safecoins through the bot! :dragon:



If someone tip me I will tip you back :wink:


It can’t be typed by username yet, so you’ll have to give me your wallet.


Oh one final note I will move the this to server this evening, just in case it is offline!


Super cool. Nice work @DeusNexus :clap:



Would be fascinated to hear what was difficult about this, and vice-versa what you thought would be complex but turned out being easy to achieve.

Super exciting to see integrations beginning to happen and the APIs being proven practical in the real world.


Cool stuff! Seeing real-world apps at work is a nice change of pace when news and updates are often more technical/dry. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Dude this is brilliant and I Love it.


Absolutely amazing!!! Thank you so much for doing this :smile:


Thank you for putting the time in! Great work!


This is awesome especially for the average user! Great job @DeusNexus :muscle:


Fantastic work! Looks very sharp too!


@DeusNexus great job, have not test the app yet. Have you thought about security for the wallet? Yeah I know it’s early phase…


Yes I will use bcrypt to store all the data in encrypted format. Personally this is not a cold storage wallet by any means, but it’s fun to use it as hot wallet or just small amount for tipping other people.

@everyone Thank you for your warm comments!


Depending on how much developing skills you have it’s not that hard. First I wanted to go with the safe-nodejs but it is not easy to install the npm module since I still get errors while it is build.
The safe-api cli on the other hand works great and is probably the most up-to-date. The commands are passed to the cli and it returns json back which I can use to display the various variable in template strings.

Also I’m still unable to connect to shared-section, probably due to IGD router/connection issues or maybe they put it offline for everyone not sure, but that would be even cooler since you will be able to view your bot balance in your own terminal safe cli.

I think the most work goes in parsing from telegram to variable and then formatting this to cli calls and parsing the response back to form a presentable message.


Thanks again for the great job, friend! I look forward to see support for ERC20 coins for easy swap of small amounts ERC20 coins to Safecoin and vice versa :heart:


The SAFE Network Wallet Bot is online now and using a database for persistence! It’s running on a server now still with local baby-fleming vaults.

I didn’t manage to PUT a test file on the local network and kept receiving an error meaning that the /cat and /dog commands are not working.

The project has also had a good refactor and broken up into modules so it is easier to read in case anyone is interested and can be found here:


I think there are two bots in the channel, hit start on the wrong one and it kicked me from the channel?!

how is your Telegram user name to add you back?

You can send a message to the bot directly at

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Had to upgrade to a server with more memory and have migrated the project to there now. Sorry for the many restarts, best is to clean your bot chat history now and restart. Do a fresh /init and that’s all.